Innovation with Chinese Characteristics

Chinese hackers took trillions in intellectual property from about 30 multinational companies

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This Is Our Best Look Yet At China’s Knockoff Of The U.S. Navy’s Sea Hunter Drone Ship

The country wants the open source community to pitch in

Ah yes. Please westerners, use your principles of openness and transparency to help us build software that we will ultimately and inevitably close down and use to repress our closed society. We save more money when we use your free labour.

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I guess the only news here is the push back

The more worrisome aspect is that if China can steal technology from the world’s premier superpower with the best funded and trained spy and counter-surveillance agencies, with a long history of espionage given the Cold War, how infiltrated is Taiwan?

Also, given Taiwan’s love for centralized records, cameras everywhere, etc. - the potential implications of a compromised network is far reaching. Everything from an apparently monogamous politician or army general going to see a doctor for a STI to where people live and what routes they take to work may be accessed.