Inpatient care at McDonald’s

So, I was at McDonald’s (which is right next to a hospital) and there was this guy in a hospital gown with an IV sticking out of his arm.

Is this normal here in Taiwan?

If I spend a night in a hospital, is it ok to run across the street to grab a lunchbox?

I’ve never had hospital food in Taiwan, but if it’s anything similar to hospital food in the States, it might be worth choosing a hospital based on the most delicious food options nearby.

I’ve come to accept it as normal. Only an IV is nothing. Some of them have tubes in their stomach and nose and ears and ass or a spot that resembles an evacuation point and still rolling around neighborhood near the hospital.


When I was in hospital on a drip I popped over to 7 for a beer.


This happens a lot.
Unless you’re on a dietary restriction, you can elect whether to have hospital meals or not, and many folks (most?) don’t.
This is more reasonable than it sounds, since families tend to swoop in and basically set up when one of them is in hospital, and they bring all the meals in.
Also because, in my experience, Taiwan hospital food is, well, about how you’d expect


Can always find a beer anywhere anytime in Taiwan and no one gives it a second thought or a second glance.

I think I’ll pop over to the local hospital and grab a beer.


I’ve had mates come visiting and we went out to the garden and had a right piss up.

I had surgery a few years ago and it took forever for them to clear me to eat, it ended up being around midnight, and I was fucking starving.
Finally after I got the OK I went across to the 7-11 and got a couple dogs and an orange soda.

Best fuckin meal I’ve ever eaten…


Sometimes they even got a bump on they forehead.


IV drips are overused here as well. Unless you is nil by mouth you don’t really need them. If you can walk to the 7 then you really don’t need them.


I know that you’re supposed to choose a hospital based on quality of care, but…

If I ever need to spend a night in a hospital, I’m totally going to scout out nearby food options first!

Great info! Thanks!

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I saw a guy with a colostomy bag in one hand and a bottle of tea in the other at the Family Mart in NTU Hospital.


I saw a guy in hospital gown and slippers eating at a Japanese don place near my gaff. Afterwards, he hopped on his scooter and rode off, presumably back to the hospital.


That could be unpleasant if he got them muddled up.

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WTFO :astonished: :rofl:

You read my mind!

On the other hand, the tube makes a convenient straw.

I saw a guy… well, fill in the blank.

Make a pointless post in the Inpatient care at McDonald’s thread?

Did someone say McDonald’s in the inpatient care thread.

My friends will not eat anywhere near a hospital. But of course if there is a famous and cheap place and they will go for it.

I have friends that have like eight cars and eight houses and they still won’t eat a meal for more than nt$120.

And pay for the parking? No way.

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