Insect Shops and Museums

I noticed these two recently in Taipei area. Anyone been?

Seems like they are partially museum and partially a place to buy for home or to feed other animals.

Empire of Ants 螞蟻帝國

Taiwan Insect Museum

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No. 79, Dadong Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111


I passed by that Empire of Ants many times while driving in Guishan, curious like yourself. One day I finally went in, but to be honest I don’t remember much about it. I guess I wasn’t impressed?

I remember the time my son came home and told me he wanted to keep beetles in the house. His teacher could get them for us.

Thanks a lot, teacher.


Must be a thing here, my son was also looking for a horned beetle thing.

We visited this place on the way to Sun Moon Lake, it was OK, kids got to go hands on with various insects, don’t feel it was worth the ticket price though. I think there may be “combo” tourists tickets for the Nantou area that might make it worth visiting. Google Maps

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Ive been to the Taipei Insect Museum in Da’an — it’s not bad. Free to look around. As well as the creepy crawlies/cages etc for sale, there are preserved entomological specimens on display as well as various live animals, not just insects: owls, lizards, snapping turtle etc.

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There’s also an insect themed restaurant cafe for kids (insect shaped foods)/insect decor recently opened in Xiang Shan (there’s another in Shilin.