Inspirational video

You can do it!!

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Good for that kid. But this is more my speed. Waiting for the video about Tiger.

Cute, though nothing will ever beat Zyzz motivational speeches.

I am not one for watching Talent shows , but this was remarkable.

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What a great performance!

This one is old. But just amazing.

Not sure why some posts come up with url expired ?

URL signature expired…

Deleting the slash at the end seems to have made that one work?

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It still doesn’t load…

Hmm I can see it

Okay, now I can see it too.

Should it be renamed demotivational URLs… :joy:

Does this fit here? I’m inspired and motivated and it’s funny.


I guess. But honestly, and it’s not really a true slam against them, but it’s like watching your grandparents tell you why something is good for you but the results are not evident.

Truth be told I had some ageism bias coming up when watching this.

Well he’s old that’s for sure. And funny


Arnold is still a badass so nothing but respect when listening to his advice about exercise.

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A young man recorded himself for more than two hours without doing anything and the video goes viral: