Institution not on MOE list; how then to obtain a work visa in Taiwan?

Hi there! I’m looking to clarify whether it’s possible to secure a work visa for Taiwan if my University isn’t listed by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Previously, I had a job offer with a school, but they didn’t proceed with the application due to this reason. I’m curious if there are alternative routes to obtaining a work visa.

Your degree or your school? Is it an online degree?

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It’s not an online degree, but it’s not listed by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

What list are you referring to?

The Ministry of Education List

Do you have a link for us?

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Yes, that could help clarify it. I’m not aware of any MOE list of degrees or related requirements, outside of number of years or online issues.

  1. Hold a bachelor’s degree or above from an accredited university or college. The list of the accredited universities and colleges is based on the Database for the Reference List of Foreign Universities from the Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan) website.
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大洋洲地區(Oceania) (

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So . . . the problem is the institution at which you studied, not the degree as such you received?



So let’s correct the title of your thread?

EDIT: I have taken the initiative to do so. I hope you get helpful feedback now.



I think marriage gives you open work rights, so you don’t need a work permit, and you get residency

Looking here, it seems that if you have an Engkish teaching certificate that might be acceptable, but you’d want to make sure that they will accept this and that you get an acceptable certiticate

That also brings up the native language of the country on your passport.

Depending on the university, I wonder if it is possible to get it added to the list. Unless there is already a reason why it isn’t in the list.

I don’t suppose you want to tell us what university it is, or what nationality your passport is. If not, I totally understand

So, probably marriage is the easiest workaround. I don’t suppose you’re in a serious relationship with a Taiwanese person right now?

Note this language in the document (it’s been present for a long time)

The Database for the Reference List of Foreign Universities which includes the list of foreign academic institutions accredited by the foreign government concerned or foreign accreditation agencies, should be used as a reference for Taiwanese citizens who are considering to pursue further studies abroad. It should not be used as a foreign university recognition list by employers or examination authorities. The assessment and recognition of foreign academic credentials for institutions of higher education in Taiwan shall be transacted in accordance with ‘the Regulations Regarding the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Academic Credentials for Institutions of Higher Education’.
Employers or examination authorities in Taiwan may refer to the above Regulations as they wish.

So, your school not appearing on this list is not necessarily disqualifying. You may have better luck with another school. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any contact for inquiring about the acceptability of a particular school with the MOE but maybe someone does, or you could try contacting them.


This part is relevant

Article 4
Only foreign academic records that satisfy each of the following provisions may be assessed for recognition:

  1. The educational institution from which the applicant graduated or where they have been studying but have not yet graduated shall already be listed in the reference list. An educational institution not in the reference list shall have been accredited by the government authority responsible for such educational institutions or by the professional accreditation agency for education in the country where it is located.
  2. The restrictions on the period spent undertaking a program, and the courses that must be completed shall be comparable to those prescribed for a comparable program at an educational institution in Taiwan of an equivalent academic level and nature.

Do you think your school would qualify on that basis?

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I was attempting to gather information from someone who may have experienced a similar situation. I earned my degree from a public university in a European country. I was offered and signed a contract with an international school, but later learned they couldn’t obtain a work visa for me because my university is not on the MOE list.

I know someone who went through a similar situation. What they needed to do was to get their diploma apostilled in the country of origin, certifying it as authentic and legitimate, then they needed to get that apostille verified by the TECO which oversaw their diploma-granting institution. If I remember right, the whole thing cost some money and took a few months but they haven’t had a problem since.


Hi, thank you for letting me know. Is there a way to get in touch with your friend?