can anyone advise me on what is the best type of insurance for me to get. I’m coming to taiwan for a year at least to learn mandarin. I’ll need decent health insurance. is it worth getting full cover, i.e dental cover etc. I dont fancy paying through the nose for it though!!!

thanx in advance…

Dental work is not expensive in Taiwan. I have responded to a previous post on this subject. The cheapest insurance I found some years ago was through Columbus in London (adverts on the tube and Sunday Times etc). About 150 pounds for a year exc USA up to 5 million USD cover repatriation air ambulance. Note does not cover driving a car or riding a motorbike you are not licensed for - the latter being the most likely scenario in which you will need to go to hospital.

I bought a reasonable insurance back home covering me when I studied here a few years back.

try gouda.

If you get an ARC, you can get health insurance - does not cover repatriation though.

… does not cover repatriation though.

And not travelling I guess. However the answer is still outstanding:

if you still need an insurance policy, please let me know. I work for an independent insurance broker. I shall be glad to answer your question.