Interesting Experiences

Today I had an interesting experience. At least I thought it was. Seems like a good thread topic.

While walking home from lunch, it started to drizzle. I took out my umbrella after a few minutes. Didn’t want to arrive home wet.

A woman on a bike passed me. A few yards ahead, she stopped next to an apartment building. I thought she had arrived home. Not so. Seems she didn’t want to get wet either. She asked if she could share my umbrella. Apparently she was in a hurry to get somewhere and didn’t want to arrive soaked. It wasn’t raining very hard, so there was no real danger there, but, eh, one person’s drizzle is another person’s typhoon.

Fair enough. So, we walked a few feet, side by side, with the bike between us and the umbrella trying to cover the lot. That was awkward.

She stopped and suggested I carry her on the bike. She would hold the umbrella. There was an extra little seat in the back, so this looked doable. (First she asked if I could ride a bike. That was kind of funny.)

So on the bike I got. She took the umbrella and sat side saddle behind me. I started really slowly, since I wasn’t sure of the physics of this arrangement and didn’t want to dump her, the bike, and the umbrella onto the road. I zigzagged for a few feet, then straightened out.

Then I asked where she was going. Just ahead, near the bridge. I wasn’t exactly sure where she meant, so I asked for clarification. Then she asked if I was Taiwanese. “Do I look Taiwanese?” I asked her. That was also kind of funny.

After a few yards, I had calculated all the Netwonian physics I needed to get us down the street without embarassment. She held the umbrella really close to my head, to keep me from getting wet, no doubt. I had to look under the rim of the umbrella a few times, since it was blocking my vision! She quickly realized this and held the umbrella a bit higher. I didn’t want to turn around and see how she was doing, since I didn’t want to throw into whack the delicate balance of man and woman and bike (and umbrella). She wasn’t complaining, so I assumed the typhoon drizzle hadn’t drenched her.

After a minute or two, we arrived at the next large street, where I let her off so she could buy one of those yellow garbage bag raincoats at a Circle K.

Into the store she went, and back down the road I walked. And that was that. I had only taken her maybe .2 kilometers, but it was all in all, a very interesting experience.

That’s interesting, Jefferson. Sometimes I ask people walking in the same direction as me if I can share umbrellas. If they think I’m strange, so be it. If I had a big enough umbrella I ask people if they want to share, too.

Oh, I agree. But sharing umbrellas is one thing. Sharing umbrellas with a person with a bike is another. Sharing umbrellas with a person with a bike, while you’re riding their bike with them on the back holding your umbrella, is something else altogether. :sunglasses:

She liked you? She thought you were a decent fellow. I think that’s a great way to meet people. I’m trying to sign up for Forumosa Friends but can’t get in yet. I’d rather meet someone who wants me to give them a lift on a bicycle. Kinda sweet.

And another of lifes sweet mysteries unfolds on a Taiwan street…

Damn, I have to go and hit my head against walls again now. When I was a 20 y.o. I was doing a hill climb motorcycle competition. End of event a pretty 18+ y.o. asked if I could give her a ride. For the whole 5 minutes she ran her hands over every part of exposed flesh under the cycle top she could find.

I had no idea what to do as I dropped her off at her parents farm house (they hosted the event)

Much less shy now at 40+ The slightest hint of extra hand movement or hint of anything and I’d be looking for the haystack.

Stupid Ironman :wall:

Don’t think that was quite the case 914, but I suppose I might have been sending out positive vibes that said it was alright to ask to share my umbrella. :sunglasses:

Ironman - I do believe your experience from 20 years ago is more interesting than mine! :uhhuh:

She saw you were a foreigner and liked your big umbrella. How bad can that be? :slight_smile:

I wish I had a guy offer to share his umbrella with me. :frowning:

Hey, I gave you Hello Kitty magnets! :sunglasses:

As I recall, speaking to some other folks recently, there are oodles of interesting Taiwan experiences out there. Come on! Bring em!

[quote]After a minute or two, we arrived at the next large street, where I let her off so she could buy one of those yellow garbage bag raincoats at a Circle K.

Into the store she went, and back down the road I walked. And that was that. [/quote]

Did she say anything in parting? Did the woman say “thank you” for your help? Did she say so long, farewell, zai jian?

Did you say anything when you left?

Maybe this isn’t that interesting…

After a healthy veggie dinner I was strolling home and went past the local Ganster run gambling place (like I often do), when this guy sitting on a parked scooter goes “Laowai! Laowai! Laowai!” I gave him a looked and laughed. Then he started mumbling something so I turned around to see what he was talking about.

He went on to tell me about that commercial for that food where in the commercial they go “Laowai! Laowai! Laowai!” and he was just mimicking that commercial (for some reason unknown to me). I laughed even harder the second time and went on my way.

That’s my interesting story for the day.