Interesting Pastries in Kaohsiung?

Wondering if anybody has any recommendations in Kaohsiung for bakeries/pastry shops with interesting or particularly delicious foodstuffs.

In particular, I am looking for things on the sweeter and more unique side - for example, not a fan of simple breads/buns, but Donutes just recently was selling “creme brulee bread” which was a crusty bread in a bowl shape filled with creme brulee that was quite good; besides that kind of thing (being sweeter and more unique), those small-sizes pastries they often display in the windows are right up my alley. Not a bit fan of “traditional” stuff you can get in the west like basically the entire assortment of cake slices that 85C sells.

I mainly know about the main chain places that appear in Google maps or are prominent in department store basements:

  • Pasadena
  • DONQ
  • Donutes (my favorite so far, by far - so many interesting things)
  • Auma
  • Mini One (albeit highly specialized)
  • Master Fang
  • Mr. Mark (not much there for my tastes)
  • It’s David (pared down version of Donutes)
  • 85C
  • Butter a Lee

I’d love to know if there are any chains here that I missed - and maybe more importantly, independently owned bakeries that sell interesting, delicious, and/or unique pastries in the Kaohsiung area?

This place is the bomb. Ask her if she can make something and she’ll usually try to do get er done.

Those sticky buns look rreeeeeaaaaallly good!

Facebook says they’re only open one day a week, Google says only W-F

They have a mobile stall they set up in front of the closed Carrefour across from the University hospital. Call them, they speak English.

Good to know, thank you.

Any more recommendations?

Bump… Us two can’t be the only ones who like to indulge?!

Spill the beans :cupcake:

L’atelier de pain is great. Good European-style breads and pastries.

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Hmm, thanks for the recommendation! I saw it on Maps but would have skipped it because the pictures weren’t too interesting. Back on the table now!

That place to great ! There is also nice small cafe run by French guy near Minzhu road, just a few tables but nice baked items and espresso.