Interesting ways (not online) meeting new friends/partners in Taiwan, stories? Fun stories

Do we really need to point out every flaw in others’ grammar, punctuation or use of SMS speak?


So you too (Misty eyed)?? I will have to leave for awhile to help a sick family member and I am sure there are many things I will miss being here in Taiwan. As I mentioned I traveled a lot before COVID for work and now its all Zoom/Google Meet for me since 2019 I had lots of local time and thus more close local friendships from my hood to the coffee shop(Shy girls who wanted chat with this strange foreigner about my espresso to a sweet friend now) to the Bento Box shop (Husband and wife gives me strong drinks after work because it seems I can drink ok). Mostly good experiences and few (very few) strange ones.

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Yeah I totally miss London now. Life was so much more fun in London than in Taiwan. I was more fun in London than in Taiwan.




I seems just like me from my hometown to Taiwan. I have lots fun and new friends in Taiwan because maybe I go out more, at hone old friends married and busy with family, very different life though both good.