Interesting website re: Chinese Life -

So, I decided to make this website and share a “slice of Chinese life” with English-speaking foreigners. I will collect and repost all of the hot, popular, interesting, outrageous, and shocking things that I see on the Chinese-language internet so foreigners can understand, experience, and enjoy also. Maybe there will be some cultural differences and maybe not every foreigners will understand what Chinese think is funny, sad, angry, or ridiculous but I will try to translate and explain the “cultural context.”

My holy fraggin’ goodness, this is the best site I came across in a long time. Finally being able to read all the stuff I could never understand. A jolly ho ho for the website! :bravo:

I am serious here, man :bow: :discodance:

Also consider East South West North.

“Taiwan-China: One nation on each side with cleavage in between”

Or Danwei.

It’s taking itself a little more seriously these days, but it was the source of some classics.


I found chinasmack a few weeks ago and have came back a few times since. lol, so funny to see the chinese lose face

Yep, nice site, had a good read on it, those Shanghainese make Taiwanese look like the Dalai Lama!

My favourite response to 150k jobseekers in SZ article


[With that many people the Bian Dang trade must be pretty good]

Tee hee. :laughing: