Interior designer - fee

I’ve got an indoor space (10m x 10m) that we’d like to invite a few people to submit designs for. We have a few basic specifications, but there’s a lot of scope for individual ideas.

But what happens about payment?

Should I pay all designers a small fee, and then the chosen designer gets the 2nd and fatter cheque? Or should I only pay for the chosen design (seems a bit unfair).

I don’t know anything about the world of interior design, but …

As a software consultant, I can’t imagine taking work that didn’t promise full pay. Anyone who would presumably can’t find proper work, either because they’re just starting out or they’re no good. And then they’d likely put in the minimum effort rather than risk a bunch of time trying to do good work for a possible pittance.

When people hire me, they do it because they liked my portfolio and they liked me in a meeting, and then they commit and trust me to do good work. Choose a designer you like based on those things, and just go with them. Full pay entails a process of working together to define and refine the work which is almost certainly going to have a better final result than a bunch of “how about this?” pitches.

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Thanks - that’s a good reply and a very reasonable attitude, and I do like the idea of commitment from Day 1. But the area up for design is very laid back, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Also, the people I want to approach don’t have much experience, no real portfolios, but I’d like their input because they’re good, young people and I’ve seen them work hard at similar places.

So for me that changes things a little from what you’d advise. I want to get them all involved, but at the same time can’t afford to commit that much $. Perhaps split the budget 15% each, then 55% to the chosen designer?

As someone who works in Design doing creative and technical drawings, I wouldn’t take on a project without first discussing the project and payment. That way both parties know what to expect. Choose the designer from there portfolio and find one you like their work. To be honest the work of the designer is to work with you, not tell you what you like, it’s you who has to live with it. A lot of people forget this last part.

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I hired an architect in Taipei, you can expect them to produce a rough draft for free(which you can’t take with you or take pics of) basically as a sales pitch.

Not sure exactly what kind of software consultant @brendon is, but in tech you need to put in a lot of unpaid hours as well on sales pitches

PChome will not hand over a project to redo their website based on your portfolio, but instead you need to put in countless hours without any guarantee to get paid on sales

I think anyway is ok as far as there is an agreement on the payment between you and them.