International Bilingual School at Hsinchu-Science-Park (IBSH)

I’m considering moving to Hsinchu to work in the science park. Wondering if anyone has experience with sending their kids to IBSH?

  1. How easy is it to get your kids enrolled? I’m a foreign worker living in TW on a JFRV, would my son be guaranteed a place or is it based off whether they have space or not?
  2. What’s the curriculum like? Is it a Taiwanese school that uses English, or more like an American school? (I can’t tell from looking at their website)
  3. Overall thoughts, impressions, opinions - are your kids happy there?

Thanks in advance.

I can try to answer based on my friends experience.

Relatively easy If your kid will attend 1st grade and register well in advance. Other grades depend on occupancy. Also, there is an entrance exam (English only, not remember exactly starting from which grade)

More like an American school. Not sure if this is good or bad but we know some Taiwanese friends who sent they kids to IBSH but then returned back to ordinary school because off lack of Chinese. To their opinion, it is depended where your kid will study afterwards, in Taiwan or abroad. If here, IBSH is not the right choice.


Sorry to bump, but did you end up enrolling your kid here here? How did it go?

We’re about to enroll our kid, but my wife is hearing from other mums going through the process about how they’ve been sending their kids to bushibans for the past 6 months to cram their English skills. Our kid is enrolling to 1st grade but has only been at local kindergarten so has no formal English education, they are fairly conversant and have basic reading skills, but they are also very shy and I worry they are going to freeze up.