International Calls

I have tried to find a thread concerning the cheapest way of calling abroad. But I couldn’t find any. I have tried some of the prepaid cards, but they don’t seem to be too easy to come by. And I would rather be billed every month instead of ending all my oversea calls because my card is finished. Any useful hints?

006 seems to be the cheapest service.

I am not techologically oriented. You may consider it stupid, but having seen all the ads for different overseas call services, I have not the least idea what they are talking about.

How does 006 work? Where does the “bill” show up? On your credit card or on your phone bill? How are the “charges” listed thereon? With reference to a specific called number? or just as an anonymous entry?

Are ther separate listings on your “bill” for each number called? Or is everything lumped together?

Hi folks:

If you have ADSL, you can use

Delta3: or


They are PC-to-Phone applications and the rates are pretty good, the cool thing is that if you subscribe to this service you can also make Phone-to-Phone calls

If you don’t have ADSL, then you can buy prepaid cards: like Sparq 007, etc., which come with instructions in English, you can check those links:


Dialpad at is another option for PC-to-Phone. I call Europe for only about 10 percent the cost of a standard phone-to-phone call.


006 is run by Taiwan cellular corp and to sign up you call them and apply. They automatically register your phone and seconds later you are ready. Just dial 006 instead of 002 and your call uses them and is much cheaper. You get a separate phone bill from Taiwan Cellular which can be paid in all the normal places like 7-11…etc or they can automatically deduct from your bank account just like Jungwa does.


There was a discussion about the use of Chung Hwa’s 012 for IP-based international calls. Check out the first entry by Loubogau in this thread:

Here is a quote from his posting in that thread:

quote[quote]Here's another little tip, to help us along that route. Chungwha has an international calling service, the 012 service, that routes over the Internet. The calls are cheaper, and theoretically are at a lower quality, over the Net. But to my ears, the quality is fine. You can make cheaper international calls by first dialing 012 instead of 002. None of the foreigners I meet are aware of this. Chungwha wants the wygworen to dial home at the more expensive 002 rates. Try 012 instead. Enjoy. Chungwha's little 012 secret is out of the bag.[/quote]

And what about 019? I was told by the overseas operator that calls to Can/US from Chunghwa mobiles were billed at 3.6 $ p minute during off-peak and at 4 during peak… also 019 calls are billed p minute not per 6 seconds.

Who knows the low-down on how these prices affect other cell company users… Taiwan Da Ge Da… etc…

I’ve also heard about 009… p 6 second billing.

Does anyone know where to find a list of call rates for 006 service - also what times are peak/economy rate. It seems the service is automatically enabled from my cellphone, but I have no idea how much it might cost.


Here are the rates between 012 and 006. My wife just called them both.

Calling to the USA:
service peak time non peak

012 4nt/min 3.6/min
006 5.7/min 3.6/min

peak time- M-F = 8am-11pm Sat 8am-noon
other times are non peak

When we signed up for 006 service, they had a promo offering 2.6/min to the USA but thats over as we found out today.


Thanks, Panda.
Would you happen to know the comparison to
002 (Chunghua Telecom) calls as well?
I never really worry about the US calls as they’re never that outrageously expensive. UK calls however, are considerably higher. Would anyone know the rates for those?

I’m still confused. Is 019 Chunghwa’s answer to 006? I’m sure that they told me the rates are the same. Anyone know about 019??

So 012 is cheaper than 016 and you get to keep it on the same Chunghua bill? Sounds best to me. I use it all the time and the quality seems just as good as 002. I tried a prepaid card once and the quality was awful.


Hold on a sec… now we’re talking about 016?
Lemme get this straight…

002–default Chunghwa extention

006–Taiwan cellular corp net2phone. Separate billing and sign up.


012–Chunghwa net2phone


019–Chunghwa… or so I was told.


You missed:

007 - Sparq

Hi guys,

Just want to tell you using MSN’s instant messager is a good option too, if you use ADSL, and both of you have installed same verison of MSN messger .
It’s free for PC to PC Calls, I tested it once of XP’s messger, and totally surprised by it’s great quality, no echo and no disconnection…

I don’t work for microsoft. Just want to share this great service with you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback, that’s great.

Btw, I just picked up a yellow note from Chunghwa Centre on Yen Ai Road. It is a table with the different rates for IDD, Super eCall (012), the Chunghwa Prepaid Card and the respective rates from public phones. Reduced counts from Monday to Friday from 23.00 to 8.00 and from Saturday, 12.00 to Monday morning 8.00. They give the following rates:

Country - IDD regular - IDD reduced - 012 regular - 012 reduced (NTD per minute):

Hongkong - 10.00 - 9.50 - 7.00 - 6.30
Singapore - 13.00 - 12.40 - 8.80 - 7.90
Japan, Sth Korea - 13.00 - 12.40 - 9.60 - 8.60
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong - 12.00 - 11.40 - 7.70 - 6.90
PRC rest - 13.00 - 12.40 - 7.70 - 6.90
Philipines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Macau - 18.00 - 17.10 - 11.00 - 10.00
Vietnam - 35.00 - 33.00 - 28.00 - 25.00
Asia rest - 30.00 - 27.00 - 24.00 - 22.00
Australia, NZ - 13.00 - 12.40 - 9.40 - 8.60
Oceania - 32.00 - 27.00 - 26.00 - 22.00
England - 14.00 - 13.30 - 9.60 - 8.60
Germany, France - 16.00 - 15.20 - 10.40 - 9.40
Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Norway, Denmark, Ireland - 20.00 - 19.00 - 11.00 - 10.00
Europe rest - 31.00 - 28.00 - 25.00 - 22.00
USA, Canada - 5.90 - 5.60 - 4.00 - 3.60
Mexico - 32.00 - 22.00 - 26.00 - 18.00
America rest - 39.00 - 35.00 - 29.00 - 26.00
Middle East - 38.00 - 30.00 - 29.00 - 23.00
Africa - 39.00 - 35.00 - 29.00 - 26.00

I also found something about the rates for 006 IDD and 016 (they call it “Economic IDD”) under They seem to be about 0.3 NTD cheaper than the Chunghwa rates. I found no information, however, on where to sign up with TFN, Taiwan fixed network. I tried to sign up this morning with Chunghwa but was told that I definitely needed an ARC, and it might still take a couple of weeks before I get one. So I’ll probably go on using my mobile and prepaid cards until I finally get a fix line.

Well, thanks anyway

I also found the rates for Sparq, 007, under but they do not seem too much of a bargain, they are close to the Chunghwa IDD reduced rates. However, they seem to offer some kind of discount if you have many calls abroad. But I couldn’t quite figure out how the discount works.

Now that was written 8 years ago -
would anybody have current rate information about 002, 006, 016 international calling?

I have found some information in various places from which i have constructed the table below,
but am not sure how current and accurate the data is:
016 uses 1 minute as the basic accounting unit
006 and 002 use 6 seconds as the basic accounting unit

Calculated rates per minute:
$12.6 / $09.3 / $12.5
Germany $15.5 / $10.1 / $20
$05.7 / $03.9 / $37.5
USA (all) $05.7 / $03.9 / $06.5

Would appreciate some reliable info. :bow:


Here are 006 direct-dialing rates:

For 002 and 009, check here: … &CatID=523

Vibo customers can call China, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the US (inc. AK and HI, but not Guam or PR) at $1/minute using the 18800-002 prefix until Dec. 31, 2011: … 2d,.html