International insurance consultant

I’m an international insurance consultant. If you need any kind of insurance service, please call me. My TOEIC grade is 780, and I’m totally capable of communicating with English speakers.

Compulsory insurance for automobiles is now discounted to about one refill of your motorcycle. If you have a car, you must need free trailer service. Through me, you will have a pure English accident process, and solve your problems immediately.

Not just vehicle insurance, if you need life insurance, medical insurance, retirement plan, or high interest savings, please call me. I will give you the most professional and considerate service.

You may settle down in Taiwan or just spent a few years here. I could provide you local or international coverage.

I have helped many English speakers to manage their risk. I’m experienced about this.


Are you still operating?

Me, my wife and daughter are all looking for medical, and life insurance.