International Job Fair in November

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On November 21, All Hands Taiwan will host its second-annual international job fair. This year the event is a part of Meet Taipei, Asia’s largest startup festival, though the job fair will have its own exhibition hall.

Last year’s fair hosted more than 1,000 attendees and featured more than 25 companies and organizations. This year will be bigger and better, with more companies, a full day of interesting speakers and panel discussions, a chillout area hosted by a local brewery, and much more.

Check out last year’s roundup video here. )

By “international job fair”, we mean there will be international talent, internationalized Taiwanese talent, and companies hiring for local and international roles. Hope to see you there!

Accupass Registration Page:

FB Event Page:

For companies interested in exhibiting:


An update on the companies that will be hiring at the job fair:

ViewSonic, GroupM, Subway, EMQ, Aunt Stella, Amphenol, Skyrock, AVE, Bubbleye, Bayshore Group, Lionbridge, Spark Amplify, La French Tech, Washington Group, Moshi, Terminal 1, and more…

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Exhibitor list for Saturday:

The roundup video was like a montage of all the waiguoren at last year’s conference.

Yeah, last year seemed to be almost 50/50 locals and foreigners. This year we’re at 72/28 for pre-registrations.

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Check out this video walkthrough of the venue, including real exhibitor banners!