International military cradle for Taiwan

Between FONOPs, QUAD, US redeployment in the Pacific such as return to the Philippines, and so on, seems there is room for a thread

Specifically, I wasn’t sure where to put this. Pretty accurate shots on that small island.


Know nothing of it, but gotta say. Teak Knife is a wicked name for testing murder.

How are US bases in Okinawa and the Philippines a “shield around Taiwan’”

They strike me as more of a military backstop than shield.

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Protective. Couple of bases missing from that map, too

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What bases are missing?

Several. Most of Japan, Korea (Korea was where the first link exercise took place), Guam, the other base in the Phils, any more?

All of which are even further away from Taiwan than the two I circled.

They might have some ships and planes there :wink:

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Those subs tho

Can’t blame them, doesn’t mean they won’t help when the time comes

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I see it as more of an international containment vessel for China.

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6 of 1…

By itself, of course the Philippines military can’t stand up to China. But that’s another reason why, like Japan, they don’t want Taiwan to be a CCP island. Every little bit helps with deterrance


It’s not like the other side of our country the US can easily setup shop.

Quite frankly, Taiwan should allow, and the US should be mature enough, to setup US bases on Taiwan. Directly.

I wish it wasn’t so. If the 21st century Nazi like regime was not bent on conquering, I would be quite opposed to US bases on Taiwan. But we have China to deal with, and that’s a very serious human rights threat.

This seems relevant:

Cagayan and Isabela bases are further north. There may be other locations that haven’t been publicly disclosed.

That’s just asking, no begging China to set a solid red line. I feel the whole peaceful non escalation path is still the way to go imo.

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My 401K disagrees.

Mine too. That said
That’s exactly why the USA did what it did. Pokes China with trade and other things, China responds because China, gave the USA reason to decouple more, it’s all part of the master plan. Unfortunately, Taiwan will be the pawn in all this if stuff pops off, especially if China becomes desperate and needs a distraction. 10 years ago I’d say China wouldn’t do anything. These days I’m not that confident.

As far as the USA protecting the microchips, that would be destroyed anyway, if not from the war or Taiwan themselves destroying it.