International Moving Companies

I’m going to be moving to HK in a couple months and I’ll need a moving/shipping company to move some things (no furniture, just stuff!) from here. Could anyone please recommend any companies that you have used or know of?


There’s one company which we’ve used twice to move house. I’m not 100% sure they do international, but considering that they’re the biggest moving comapny in Taiwan (Taipei at least), I’d guess that they do. We only used them for short moves, but we found them to be very professional. Guy in a suit came over to look at our stuff and give us a quote and assurance that we wouldn’t be charged more than that. The movers were good. The comapny called the next week to ask if we had any problems with the service.

I’ll fish out their namecard.

Oh my wife’s asleep. I’ll find it later.


We have used Four Winds for moves between Taiwan and Thailand, both ways, but we had furniture and the whole caboodle. They were very good. Their GM has since moved to Asian Tigers, and given his professionalism, I’m sure that means Asian Tigers is a good bet as well.

Four Winds International Group
6F-1, 40 Changchun Rd., Taipei
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: (02)25710564

Asian Tigers
(886-2) 2592 3899
10F-A, No. 29, Chung Shan North Road
Sec 3,
Peter Karlsson General Manager

thanks for your suggestions!

just wondering…do you think it’s better to get a moving company to move my stuff…? or just ship it through mail?! any ideas on prices? I know it’s hard to tell…cause you don’t know how much stuff i have…but…?! (I have lots of books, some clothes, and just random nic-naks…) let’s say…between 4-8 boxes/suitcases full.

It was a few of years back, so I can’t remember the cost. They charge by volume, so just call them up and ask the cost of a cubic foot or meter. As Brian said, they’ll also send someone over to estimate the volume you want to ship.

The nice thing with using a mover like this is that they come to your apartment, pack the stuff for you, ship it off to wherever you’re going, deliver it, unpack it, and take the empty boxes and stuff with them. Makes moving sooo easy.

Shipping through mail, you don’t get this kind of service, of course. But then, if you only have a few boxes, carrying it around may not be that much of a problem.

hey p!
thanks! but …wow…it sounds expensive! a guy comes over to give you an estimate…and they come and pack it for you…etc, etc…?! WOW! i’m thinking that a movign comapny would cost quite a bit more than just shipping by post…?! but…perhaps worth it?!
i’ll give the moving companies a call to ask!

It may sound expensive, but consider that the movers do all the paperwork for you so you don’t have to go through customs and all, plus you don’t have to deal with the hassle of actually carrying the boxes around.
They’re also very experienced at moving so it’s unlikely that your breakables arrive broken. They also have this hanging wardrobe thing so your clothes can arrive uncrumpled, if you choose.

This threat is a bit old but I am wondering if anyone has any experience with any of the International Moving Companies recently, say for the last year?
Most probably, we will have to move to Tokyo and we have plenty of stuff, bed, chairs, table, sofa, books, cloths, crockery… well everything. We might need a container.
Any suggestion? Any good or bad experience to share? Thanks a lot.
We used Crown Worldwide Movers to move from Paris to Taipei and they scratched our wooden floor badly during the packing back in Paris. We went into an argument of over 2 years and at the end we gave up. The problem was they have hired a subcontracting company to do the packing. So for them, they are not liable… I don’t want to experiment this kind of service anymore. So please, I need your help.

I’ve had 2 very good moves (transpacific) with Crown Van Line (the local one). Nothing scratched or broken and good service coming & going. Everything was nicely packed and unpacked.

I had one move TPE to HKG with Crown Worldwide Movers and the packing sucked - they just dumped stuff into boxes and the service in HKG unpacking was poor as well.

We used AlliedPickfords after reading Out of Chaos’ review.

We dealt with Mr Peter Lee. We had left Taiwan by September and stored our container there until after Christmas when we emailed them to ask them ship our container to California. It arrived two weeks ago. They have been professional and helpful. We’ll know in a month if everything has been shipped sans damage when we are reunited with our container. It’s sitting in one of their many holding centers until we give the ok for them to bring it to us.

I say if you have valuables, go with a well known company. Pay the money for peace of mind. And I don’t know if there was insurance, but we didn’t buy any cuz we didn’t have furniture. But you might want to ask about insurance…

We’ve used Asian Tigers in Taiwan three years ago and had a bad experience with them. Thinks broken, we even discovered footprints on our boxes. Last year we’ve used Crown to Shanghai (Container with packing) and made good experience, no problem at all.

Thanks everyone for your comment. I guess you have to have some luck as well.
We bought the insurance and the move costs around EUR 15,000… so it is not really cheap as I would say and still the insurance does not cover for the damage the packers did on our floor in our house. Crown Worldwide wanted just to reimburse us EUR 900 for the big scratch on our 2-year old wooden floor. I guess if our glasses were broken, they will happily reimbursed… but not the wooden floor. The major issue was the packers were subcontracted, so you do not deal with Crown Worldwide but with someone else in between and things got more complicated.
So my next question is: do you remember if everything was handled by the movers themselves (except of course the shipping) or did they subcontract the packing and unpacking? Thanks a lot.

Does anybody have experience with One World for moving from Taipei to Europe?

And we’re going to need services this summer from Texas, USA to either Taipei or Kaohsiung. I’ve gotten quotes from Allied Pickford and one other (can’t remember the name) and both were about US$2000 door-to-door for a “lift van”, which is a big wooden box of about 200 cubic feet. Sounds expensive to me.
What costs and sizes have any of you dealt with.

That’s cheap, we’ve been quoted an average of 3500US from Taipei to Europe for the same size and service.

We used Asian Tigers a few years back to move from Singapore to Germany - and were VERY happy with their service.
That’s why we engaged them again (despite higher quotes than others) to move from Germany to Taiwan. Well, we were not so impressed. They were not really bad, but also not above what I would call “normal”.
It turned out that Asian Tigers Taiwan is a separate entity and has nothing much to do with Asian Tigers Singapore. They also subcontracted the German portion to some small moving company there, since there is no Asian Tigers Germany.
Santa Fe, on the other hand, was terrible in Singapore. Do they exist in Taiwan as well?

I recently moved out of Taiwan (to Singapore) and can recommend Green Van (
I looked at several companies, but Green Van had the lowest charge per cubic meter AND the lowest estimate of how much volume my stuff has - and when it turned out to be more they didn’t charge extra, as I initially feared!
Everything war very professionally done and well packed (most of the crew spoke English). They also offered two months free storage, accommodated several other wishes that caused extra effort on their part and answered all questions quickly and professionally.
One point, though: Since they don’t have offices abroad, they contract local moving companies at the destination. Ours in Singapore (Collins Movers) wasn’t half as good as Green Van and tried to charge us retroactively for the extra effort. This isn’t really Green Van’s fault, but it’s probably a good idea to check who they’re working with at the other end.

And No, I am not affiliated and get no benefits from writing this - just a happy customer who likes to share his positive experience (I’ve moved internationally before and wasn’t this satisfied in most cases!).