International shipping company?

I need to send several boxes of things back to the US. Maybe four or five 2x2 boxes, so not a full container load or anything. Does anyone know of a shipper that could do smaller shipments like this?
Also, it needs to be door-to-door and insured.
And any idea of the cost involved?


I’ve done this 3 times now trans-pacific & once to HKG.

Use a moving company - like Crown Van Lines - get it crated, boxed and bubble wrapped if you have things you care about. Send it sea freight LCL. You can buy insurance when you do the packing.

If you go straight to a freight forwarder, you can end up with final delivery problems and they will charge higher rates for personal effects. Also, good luck if they lose anything.

The need for a crate will be obvious once you see how the forklifts operate. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rascal, I found that link just after posting this.

Elegua: I’m looking into Crown Van Lines now. Were you happy with their service and price?

You only have four-five 2ft. x 2ft boxes? If my memory serves me right, all of those companies have a minimum charge which is close to NT$30,000. Doesn’t the post office allow for this size? I think it would be much much cheaper if you did that…

When my friend moved back to Canada, he had a lot more than four or five boxes, he had like 20+, enough to fit on a pallet, cost him between 30-40k.