International Students: Getting to Taiwan (for Sept 2020)

Hello, I’ve been accepted into my graduate studies in Taipei, and am currently waiting in Toronto, Canada for any news regarding how the Ministry of Education (MOE) is going to handle the influx of new international students for September 2020.

From my understanding, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is focusing on all working visa types (anything that’s leisure/social); except for students: which are being exclusively handled by the Ministry of Education.

Universities are working with and negotiating with the Ministry of Education regarding their students in particular. But based on the communication from my university, it sounds like there is still a lot of unknowns. My university (Taipei Tech) is offering online registration as well as online courses while students are stuck getting into Taiwan. For me personally, this defeats the purpose of having a culturally immersive experience to just take courses online at 3AM at home.

Anyway – I don’t have a question but rather thought I would open a discussion thread for others who are in the same situation and wish to navigate this together. Please share your situation as well – and as we discover new information, we can share it with one another.


The National Inmigration agency has the following Students Online Application System

Taiwan had opened its borders to international students from 13 low-risk areas. These are Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Palau, New Zealand, Brunei, Fiji, Australia, Mongolia, Bhutan, Laos, and Cambodia.

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Thanks chydals for that.

Does anyone know if someone can enter the country with a Employment Seeking Visa, and then after entering, convert it to a Student Resident Visa?

This article suggests that the rules are changing allowing for a change of status without needing to exit:

it is applied to current students. Foreigners with other statuses cannot change their status to study without leaving.


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According to my Liason office, it doesn’t seem to be fully lifted yet for new students: