Internet cafe's with printers?

Emergency: I need to find a net cafe with MS Word and a printer - which isn’t as common as one might think. Does anyone know of any in the Shi Da area, if possible? Or anywhere else near an MRT station?


I know there’s one with printer near Taipie Train Station.
Go Go Net:

well, near the kuting stop there’s an internet cafe i used to go to. starts with an “x”. right outside one of the exits near the buffet place. anyway, i know there’s one comp with word and a printer because i was kicked off that comp once so someone could print something. no idea how much it costs and it seems only one of the computers could print, but i guess if you’re in a pinch… and the place is open 24/7, i believe.

I read this somewhere before I moved to Taiwan that some hotels would let you use their computers and printers (for a fee maybe). I had no luck of finding an Internet Cafe with MS Office and printer. Or YMCA might be another possibilitye. Have you tried the computer lab at local college/university? You couldn’t use the one at work? :laughing:

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