Internet connection upgrade question

I’m interested in upgrading my internet connection from 512kb/64kb to the 1.5mb/384k. I don’t mind paying the extra money, but will I get faster download and upload speeds off of the internet. I seem to have a problem when I use If I’m only downloading it is great, but as soon as someone starts uploading, my download speeds start crashing(from 10-20kb/s to 0.2-4kb/s) I’m not downloading more than 40-50kb/s at anytime, but as soon as I start uploading to someone. I’m lucky to get 20kb/s with an upload speed of only 2-5kb/s.

I won’t block their upload as that would be unfair in my mind. I just want to know:

  1. Is the upgrade worth it, or might it be my local server?

  2. Could it be a problem with my computer? My computer has a 1600mhz AMD processor, so I don’t think that would be the problem. It might be my settings, but I don’t think it is that either.

Thanks for your time

PS Please give simple detailed answers for the technologically ignorant.

How many people are simultaneously using the connection ?

I have the exact same problem with Kazaa. I wish someone could tell me what the deal is.

I use HiNet’s 512/64K ADSL and have a AMD 1800.

Something tells me it is HiNet’s fault, but I’m not for sure.

Who else knows?

How’s speed with Gnucleus?

Hexuan-My girlfriend and I use the connection, but she’s not on nearly as much as me. It happens whether she’s surfing the web or not. We have a cheap splitter box splitting the same internet connection between us.

Hsiadough-I don’t use Gnucleus. How would it compare to Kazaa? I’m interested in trying it though after looking at the website( What has been your experience with it?

Here are some actions I plan to take.

  1. I’m going to use ad-aware to see if there is anything eating up a lot of space.

  2. Check if it is a problem(such as a limitation on speed) with the splitter box that splits internet between my gf and I.


I’m also using Kazaa (Lite) with HiNet 512K. I’m getting better speeds than others here it seems, and uploads don’t slow things down. Are you using the Fast Track Accelerator that comes with Kazaa. Running this speeds things up quite a bit for me.