Internet Service Providers

Currently with my roommates we have HiNET ADSL. the 1.5/128k package or something. Now i’ll be moving out soon and would like to know the options for a faster connection.

My budget for the internet tops out at around 2500NT. I’m interested equally with upstream as I am with downstream. I’ve read in other posts about possible 3M/7XX types. What are the prices of these? I can’t seem to find much info on about them.

Does anyone currently have that package? is there a 1.5/7xx package? is there anything higher than 3m? does anyone have a T1 or similar line?

All posts appreciated.



T1/384 + 1 fixed ip NT$2300/month (includes CHT line fees)

3M/512K + 1 fixed IP + 8 dynamic ip:
Month 1-2 free
months 3-6 NT899
months 6-12 NT$1500

For the 3M/512k package you need to add in CHT line fees, which I believe are NT$800/month.

If you are going ADSL, then you’ll typically need to get the line from Chunghwa and then service from an ISP.

Chunghwa ADSL rates in english are here: … ?CatID=591

The faster rates are 1.5m/384k at NT799/mon, 3m/512k at NT1099/mon and 6m/640k at NT1399/mon.

You will also need an ISP which is an additional charge. Not all ISPs support all speeds, so you will need to look around. I am using for over a year and service and speed has been very good. Their packages are available (chinese only) at:

I have 1.5m/384k service, but they also offer 3m/512k.

One nice thing about so-net is you get the choice of 1 fixed IP or 8 dynamic IPs.

so the leased line from Chunghwa Telecom is only for the line? And i need an ISP on top of that?

So for example if I wanted 6m/640k I would have to pay Chunghwa NT1399/month AND an ISP say another NT1500/month (or whatever the rate would be)

For a total of like NT3000 a month?


[quote=“brycev”]so the leased line from Chunghwa (Zhonghua) Telecom is only for the line? And I need an ISP on top of that?

Yup. Supposedly there’s a company out there doing ADSL over their own lines. When I first heard of them they were offering service in Taipei city only and had a 6-month waiting list. Haven’t heard of them in a while. Everyone else you buy the line from Chunghwa and service from an ISP. Beware the cheap ISPS in the 199-399 range. You will often get very crappy performance.