Internet Service(wifi or hotspot)

Hey so I’ve been using my phone as a hotspot in my apartment for 3 years now(T-Star) and really the last few weeks its slowed down a lot. Spoke to the company and they said not much I can do unless I buy a 5G phone(current phone is about a year old so don’t fancy upgrading yet). Guess because of Covid a lot of people are also online so that could be slowing things down. Problem is I’m also working online and taking classes online too so having bad internet is really not ideal.

Anyone have any recommendations for either a good mobile service to continue doing hotspots or even getting wifi installed in my place?

Wired cable from Fibre-converter to router to my computer! Nothing beats that.

Taiwan Mobile gives Cable Internet at 120 mbps and Unlimited 4G with consistently great speeds at a combined price of $999/m.

They’re also open to foreigners and do NOT need a guarantor or other racist bullshit!

Offer is in store.


Wow, thanks so much… that sounds great! I’ll go in and chat to them about it :slight_smile:

If one store gives you a runaround, go to another. Stores in tourist areas like Ximen and Xinyi are the most equipped to handle foreigners as well.