Interviewing Indonesian and Vietnamese communities

Hello, I am trying to find laborers from the Indonesian and Vietnamese communities to interview for a documentary. Does anyone know what places in northern Taiwan, or perhaps also in the south, there are where I can find these people? They are generally completely outside my social environment, so I’m not sure where to look.

Thanks for any information!

They often hang out near train stations on the weekends, at least when I lived in Taichung they did. They also have the Asian Square building in Taichung near the train station and many go there too.

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Zhongli train station.

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Taoyuan Main Station

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They’re mostly locked in their dorms right now


I would start by walking down my block. Where are you located, just out of curiosity?

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Thanks! That Asian Square building, is that in a neighborhood with many immigrants?

Near Taichung park there are worker dormitories too I think, not too far from the train station.

I remember seeing a ton of factory workers every time I passed through Shulin Train Station. In and around Kaohsiung Train Station was another one.

Traditional markets might work. I always see a few Indonesian guys at the market in Shuidiliao, Pingtung County. I think they’re housed somewhere in the area, and they probably work in the Pingnan Industrial Area nearby.

Then there are the local businesses (Vietnamese restaurants, Indonesian restaurants, related grocery stores) that cater to that community.

Sometimes the local Foreign Affairs Office organizes activities or Chinese classes for new arrivals. As a foreign resident you are also eligible to attend these classes. If you’re new to the Chinese language just don’t expect to learn much. From what I’ve heard they move at a different speed.

And this has nothing to do with anything, but many of those Vietnamese moms are FINE. Interviewing them sounds like an extremely pleasant activity.

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