Interviewing native Taiwanese on Chiang Kaishek


I’m looking for 5 native Taiwanese to answer or people to help me acquire answers from 5 Taiwanese about their impression of the president and generalissimo 蔣介石/蔣中正/ Chiang kaishek.
I ask this from here, because at the moment asking political questions on the street during the epidemic is not exactly recommended.
我目的是搜集普通人向蔣介石的影。並非需要知道很多。除了要求你的歲領,民族,專業以外,是匿名的訪問。希望受訪者能夠通過錄音回答。這樣我可以加上你的回答為了這個podcast. 一下附件問題:


If you are native/and or have a native older friend, please share this with them.

Are you looking for recordings in Mandarin?

Yes. 這是為了我的現代中文課。

Will Turton be interviewed? :laughing: I think he considers himself to have gone native.

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My dad was born in China, came to Taiwan with Chaing Kai Shek. Does that count?

He views CKS as a god almost though.

Absolutely yes. His answers would be very interesting in that case, unique.

means born national of ROC on Taiwan?

you might also want to know when they or their ancestors moved to Taiwan.

The citizens of the Republic of China, having up to 18 years received education on the island or pre-1949 anywhere else. They might have lived after in other countries.

Problem would be getting my dad to agree to interviews as he’s basically senile, not to mention he’s really mistrustful of anyone (maybe soldier’s intuition?)

But he is the stereotypical KMT type “Taiwanese” who worships CKS and thinks everyone outside the KMT is bad guys. Very black and white.

He thinks Tsai Eng Wen is basically a witch and Chen Shui Bien should be sent to the firing squad.

It’s anonymous + a podcast meant for my uni work. I can share it later, but only based on ethnicity, age, career it’s quite difficult to estimate identity. 你可以給他看我的這個信息:

敬請您參加我的訪問。我是個外國大三學生,學習中文和中國文化。現在研究前總統蔣中正。到如今受訪者中有非常批評蔣中正因令下殺受訪者的祖父或者說也有好有壞。還有很可觀地看他的人,說他留了很深刻的印象。如果你要讓他人知道蔣介石為甚麼值得尊敬,為甚麼很棒,這是您的機會,否則老一輩的想法年輕人要怎麼繼承 ?

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