Int'l Health insurance for Taiwan expats not covered by NHI

[Original Subject: Private Health Insurance vs. NHP]

I’m coming out to Taiwan in October for a year at least. What insurance does anyone recommend as i will have to provide my own. I’m not bothered about insuring my belongings but i want good health cover.
thanx in advance for any help i get!!


You can get year-long travel insurance from Columbus in London for about 150 pounds, but if you get a work permit / ARC the state health care system should be good enough. It’s certainly a damn sight better than the NHS.

What do you mean you will have to provide your own ? Are you by any chance coming over with an English university to do your year out ?

I’m coming out to visit my girlfriend’s family in taipei for a year or few and hope to learn some mandarin whilst i’m here. I will also be helping the missus’s cousins learn some english. Is there anything else I’ll need to make life easier?


I’m on a private health insurance plan that is still running until the end of the year. I’ll be getting my work permit soon and the ARC, and I have been told that I can, but not have to, join the NHP. Does it make sense to join the NHP as well? Does it make some things easier?

Actually, I’ve been paying health insurance for years without ever getting so much as a flu. I only used it for my regular check-ups and my vaccinations before I came to Asia. But of course, I wouldn’t want to go without it.

Would I be safe to go on the NHP alone as soon as my contract with the private company is over? Or is it advisable to keep a private policy?

I tried to find a thread concerning these questions but wasn’t really successful. Can anybody help me, please?


[Original Subject: Buying private health insurance in Taiwan??]


Has anyone had the experience of buying private health insurance in Taiwan. I just discovered that the travel insurance policy I purchased in Canada has lapsed, and I can’t renew/take out a new one from Taiwan. The insurance company said that they cannot sell me insurance while I am outside of Canada (even though these transactions are completed entirely over the phone with a visa card!) So… if anyone has any information about either a Taiwanese or international firm that could cover me while I am still here, it would be appreciated.

PS: I have no ARC and am in Taiwan now on a tourist visa extended through my school.


You should have purchased a travel insurance in your home country which covers for short vacations.
Usually the are valid for a year and really cheap. In Germany they cost only something like USD10 / year.

But note they cover holiday trips only, not if you work outside.
So if you fall of a scafolding while plastering a wall on a construction site they won’t pay … :wink:

Else I am not aware of any short term insurance though there are some international ones for foreigners working overseas. Not cheap though!

I just looked into this as I’m heading over there very soon and want to be covered. I found a variety of policies offered and they ranged from US$300/ year and up. Most are the same in terms of coverage, including medical and dental emergency coverage, emergency evacuation, etc.

If you searh for “international insurance” or “travelers insurance” online you’ll get a lot of returns and can look at which ones best fit your situation and needs. They vary depending on your length of stay- none being more than one year in length- and many offer additoinal services to add on should you have needs beyond the basic coverage.

[Original Subject: From Ontario, Canada]


I’d like to enter Taiwan with my ROC passport, and not with my Canadian passport. That probably means OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) will not cover me since i’m entering Taiwan as a Taiwanese. Or does it??!!

How should I go about getting health coverage while I’m in Taipei? I’ll be in Taiwan for almost a year. Any suggestions on some cheap but good health insurance?!



If you enter with your Taiwan passport then you will be covered by the Taiwan governments health insurance plan. THis is the way to go. Its very cheap. WHere in Ontario are you from?

hi Panda,

Thanks for the info. I don’t think that will work for me 'cuz i just recently renewed my ROC passport here in Canada, which means I also don’t have a Taiwan ID card. Does anyone know if this is a hard process… reestablishing residency in Taiwan so i can get a Taiwan ID card??

Where are you from?

Have you had your ID before? Or your parents? if you have one before, you might obtain your NHP 4 months after you arrived. Or you can obtain a private insurance policy locally which is not very expensive. around US$300~$200/YEAR depends on your age


if you still need an insurance policy, please let me know. I work for an independent insurance broker. I shall be glad to answer your question.


A member wrote me the following today:

[quote]please give me some advice about health insurance for expats with no arc, ie. private,
local. thank you so much in advance!![/quote]

This thread is about health insurance BEFORE getting here:

Buying private health insurance in Taiwan?? … =insurance

Does anyone have any experience or advice about Private Health Insurance AFTER you’ve arrived?

Also, please see this thread and comment:

Private Health Insurance vs. NHP … =insurance

Hello English Teachers,

Does anyone know what’s the difference between getting health insurance through work (the school where you teach) versus applying for it on your own? In other words, does it cost about the same? If a school offers a full-time position with no mention about health insurance, what are the options and/or repercussions to myself?

Many thanks dear all. :unamused:

I know that STA Travel in Australia will issue travel insurance after you have left home. You just need to call them and pay by cheque or credit card. I am not sure if you have to be Australian to do this or if people from other countries can also do it. Anyway have a look at the STA Travel Australia web site

edit: I spoke too soon. I just checked the web site and it said you must be in Australia when you buy the policy and a resident of Australia. I think it used to be the case you could buy it when you were already overseas. I have extended one of their policies while I was overseas.

I hope someone can help me. I have been working for a kindergarten now for two years and haven’t had medical insurance from them now and the bushiban, who the kindergarten pay, does not want to give it to me. Is there any other private medical insurance around and how do I get hold of such an insurance if it exists. Please help with some information.

I am an independant insurance broker. I shall be able to help you to get a proper policy. You can contact me at or at my cell 0937000884
sharon LIn

Does anybody know a good and cheap international health insurance?

What kind of health insurance do you need? Did they give you a work permit? Did they give you the national health card? If you are looking for more comprehensive coverage like that for hospital stays, etc you can try ING in Taiwan.

I’d need some basic coverage as I’m practically never sick, but one never knows.