Intro page?

did i miss the introduction page? cant seem to find one here. is there one and i am looking in the wrong area?

Hi sfcrock

You did not miss the introduction page for the Forumosafieds, because there isn’t one. I am sorry for the confusion.

You can find the Forumosafieds here: viewforum.php?f=139 - and you are free to post there like any regular post on the rest of the forums.

The plan has always been to build a brand new classifieds website for Forumosa. This is still the plan. I hope to make this happen later this year.

In the meantime, post in this feedback forum if you have any other questions about the Forumosafieds

Keep well

Well Hello Gus,
just looked at the “forumosafieds” thank you.
So there is no form to sort out the jokers from the real blokes? a who is who, and does what type of thing.

I don’t quite understand your question. Do you mean a directory of Forumosans in general? Or a way of determining who among the people who post Forumosafied Ads are for real?

I suppose in both cases, the higher the post count, the more reliable (real) you might consider them

On the main page of Forumosa, there is still a link at the bottom-right that is labeled as “Taiwanted”. That needs to be updated.