Introducing the Crossroads initiative- Simplified Entrepreneur Visa application and access to foreigner-friendly services - a better model for public access, global outreach, and immigration reform

Hi all,

I’m the founder of Crossroads, an initiative by my company, Wordcorp. Amid a brain drain of talent, an aging population, and a stagnant economy, my team and I strongly believe that Taiwan’s future is wholly dependent on its internationalization. A vital part of this effort would depend on clearer communication of government policies (e.g. immigration visas) and better access to resources to improve on the integration of foreigners seeking to remain or relocate to Taiwan.

With support and guidance from both public and private entities, Crossroads is an experimental cross-lingual multimedia platform that actively cultivates and connects the diverse communities of Taiwan. In essence, we are introducing a better model for public access, global outreach, and immigration reform to the government.with the ultimate mission of elevating understanding, reach, and recognition of Taiwan around the world.

For this current English beta phase of our development, the initiative provides a free user-friendly interface to apply for the Entrepreneur Visa, as well as better access to existing foreigner-friendly services and businesses in Taiwan. Please feel free to check these out by going to .

Integrating the localization technologies and human talent network of Wordcorp, Crossroads will be undergoing a staged evolution into a global marketing platform, one on which businesses and content creators can reach new markets, collaborators, and audiences by transcending language and geographical boundaries through integrated solutions. If you are a foreigner-friendly business in Taiwan, please feel free to Contact Us with your information and we would be happy to help promote your services/products.

For more information, you can also check out our Facebook fanpage at /CrossroadsTaiwan and our Twitter at @Crossroads_TW.

We look forward to your kind support and feedback. Thank you for your support in our cause!


David Chang
Wordcorp 一元翻譯 and Crossroads

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