Introduction ... HI!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself, as I am brand new to this site. :smiley: I’m moving to Taiwan in November so that I can study and re-learn my Mandarin & Taiwanese. I lived in Taiwan til I was 6 (I’m now 27) but once I came back to the States I lost most of my language skills, now I am jumping at the opportunity to return.

I am half Chinese/half white, my mom being my Chinese half. She lives in Taipei and I will be staying with her while I’m in Taiwan.

Anyway, not quite sure what else to add … just wanted to say HI and I’m looking forward to getting to know y’all and making some new friends!


Welcome, your Chinese must be deeply imbedded in your subconscious. You will have to go through some heavy-duty primal therapy to get it out. Maybe you will need to relive your birth.

Do they really say “y’all” in California?

MorganRain, don’t mind richardm’s comment, he’s just a parlor gangster and means no harm. welcome to and hope you have a good trip to your mother country, and your mother’s country, too. tell us more about who you are. DISH!

Morgan Rain, is that your real name or is it an alias? Welcome to forumosa. At 27 and single its a good life here. Enjoy.

chou dou fu


Welcome to this message board, let us know when you arrive and we will def. hang out!
Feel free to ask anything on this board since most ppl here are very friendly.

Keep us posted on ur arrival

  • MiakaW


Welcome to this message board, let us know when you arrive and we will def. hang out!
Feel free to ask anything on this board since most ppl here are very friendly.

Keep us posted on your arrival

  • MiakaW[/quote]

Miaka, I was wondering how long it would take you to chime in. earlier I wanted to tell m.rain to hook up with you, but feared being attacked as sexist and racist. what a sissy i can be some times :!:



Well, Missy, just which ones aren’t friendly. You can’t just say that “most” of us are friendly, because that makes us wonder which few aren’t friendly…

C’mon, tell.


I’m a grumpy old sod

I’ve noticed. Buth then again, takes one to know one, eh?


Well, I do know who are nice and how aren’t. I don’t wanna scare MR away since MOST of us on this board are frienly. But hey, its for her to find out, right?! :unamused:

  • MiakaW

Okay, Okay, I feel bad for lying so here it goes…

I am a selfish, gold-digger, lying Bit@H, just asked those who had met me…

now finally I get it out of my system… I feel soooo much better now! :wink:

Just my type. when you get the gold give me a call.


Thanks for the warm welcome y’all! :laughing: I feel all warm & fuzzy inside now.

I have a couple questions … what is a “Guanxi”?? It says I have 3 of them. Hm … and what is that little word under my name, “Cia Niao”??? What does it all mean? I am baffled …

Well, let’s see … to answer a few questions/comments …

richardm - I’ve never actually heard anyone say y’all out here in Cali … not quite sure why I insist on writing it, but I always seem to do it. Kinda quirky like that I suppose. :wink:

formosa - Hm … what can I dish about me … well, like I said, I’m 27, live in California (Los Angeles area, actually about 30 minutes east of LA and I work in downtown LA). Um … I’m just a girly-girl livin in her Barbie world … haha … just kidding. Gosh, I’m really bad at describing myself … I must sound like a bore! Well, whatever questions you have ask away, I’ll gladly answer anything!

chodofu - MorganRain is not my real name. Morgan Rain is actually a little 6 year old girl buried near my father. I thought that was the most beautiful name so I stole it evil grin … kinda morbid I suppose. But no really, it just reminds me of my dad.

miakaw - Where in Cali are you from??? We should definitely hang out when I get to Taipei! What do you usually do for fun out there?

tigerman - I agree, I think miakaw should tell us who’s not friendly! I need to be in the know!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well guys, I have tons of questions about Taiwan/Taipei so I will be on here pretty often. But before all that why don’t y’all (damn, I did it again!) tell me about yourselves. Would it be rude of me to ask how old y’all (DANG!) are???

Bye for now!

hello and welcome…
good idea to introduce yourself…maybe i should have done this too… :blush: how impolite of me…

but now it’s too late i guess…

Guanxi is a form of ‘currency’ we use on forumosa. You get 1 for each post, and 2 for starting a new topic, you can also get more guanxi throught the bank and lottery. You can transfer it to other people, and you can spend to get effects like a avatar (little picture on the left). Cai Niao basically means ‘Newbie’ as you make more posts, you can rise up the ranks. I think you get a new rank at 10 posts, then 50

Oh, don’t mind formosa, he’s harmless, just don’t sneeze near him :laughing:

My uneducated guess was that Cai Niao means “still pees.” Cai as in “ta cai lai” and “niao” as … well, just that.

So how about an educated guess by someone else now?

“vegetable bird” but don’t ask me to explain it.

Oh I see … thanks for all the explanations! :laughing:

As someone in the same boat (also 27, born in taiwan moved to southern cali when i was 7), i think you’ll definitely get a lot out of your taiwan experience. Learning mandarin has been the biggest help to me in improving my taiwanese. i’ll learn a new word or phrase and then find out what word or phrase transfers to in taiwanese. Noticing the differences between the languages also helps me understand taiwanese much better.

It’s lychee season right now. They taste so much better here than anything you can get at ranch 99. and i’d advise skipping the pearl milk tea (too filling and rich) and trying out the 5 million other flavors of drinks they have here. other than that, have fun. :slight_smile: