Introduction to Hypnosis workshop

Bob Thompson, a registered Hypnotherapist, has kindly agreed to give us an introduction to Hypnosis. After this event, you will be VERY relaxed. This event will include Bob’s lecture, discussion, demonstrations, practice and Questions and Answers.

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He will teach us the following:

  1. Introduction to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  2. How your beliefs and concerns about hypnosis affect your sessions
  3. Expectations
  4. How to prepare for sessions
  5. How to create trust and rapport with the person you are hypnotising
  6. How to make hypnotic suggestions more powerful than direct suggestion alone
  7. Suggestibility Tests - “Waking” suggestions, for example:
    a. Hand Clasp Test
    b. Pendulum Test
    c. Hands Rising And Falling Test
  8. Instant and rapid inductions (e.g., Dave Elman, etc.)
  9. Establishing And Testing Trance Depth
  10. Self-deepening and causing the environment to deepen trance
  11. Waking suggestions
  12. Emerging from hypnosis
  13. Learn Self-hypnosis
  14. Group Hypnosis and Practice of Self-Hypnosis
  15. Practice with discussion afterward

For those of you who are interested in practicing hypnosis free of charge after this session, Bob will arrange this.

Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014
Time: 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Joyful Living (心悅人文空間)
Address: 台北市中正區金門街12巷7號
(靠近古亭捷運站出口 2)

From Exit 2 of Guting MRT station, put your back to Roosevelt Rd. Turn left into Tong An Street. When you get to Ting Zhou Rd, cross the street and turn left up Ting Zhou Rd. Walk past the primary (elementary) school (on your right hand side). Turn right into the first alley after the primary school then turn left into the next alley and you will see the white sign for Joyful Living.

Bob has also agreed to do follow-up sessions if there is enough interest. He suggested:

  • Using hypnosis tools in sales
  • Conversational hypnosis
  • Quit smoking
  • Weight loss
  • Age regression
  • Work performance
  • Sports performance

The benefits of hypnosis are numerous. See these articles: … pnotherapy

  1. Hypnosis can treat addictions
  2. Hypnosis can help you lose weight and keep it off
  3. Hypnosis can help manage chronic pain
  4. Hypnosis can help reduce stress
  5. Hypnosis can help deal with childhood issues
  6. Hypnosis can cure sleep disorders
  7. Hypnosis can promote deep relaxation
  8. Hypnosis can help you change your behaviour
  9. Hypnosis can help recover buried memories
  10. Hypnosis can help treat Anxiety and Depression

Take advantage of the early bird special too! … ser_joined

NT$900 per person paid on or before Friday 14 March 2014 by 3pm
NT$1300 per person paid between 15th and 21st March 2014 (3pm).

Payment details: send proof of deposit, the last 4 numbers of your account; take a photo of your deposit slip; bring your deposit slip with you on the day.

Bank: 第一銀行 營業部 [First Bank]

Account number: 09351030276

Branch: 007 [Chong Ching South Rd]

Wear: comfortable clothes

Bring: an inquisitive mind; a notepad and pen

Handouts will be given.