Invasion of privacy

Do you feel your privacy is at risk where you live?

My comments are private, stop trying to take away my privacy by askin such questions.

Nup, I leave the doors unlocked and the windows open…

What’s that? :s

I understand the question, but not the problem…

At risk of what? Being breached? Uh… no. I take steps to maintain privacy from people or goverments.

I cannot be too forthright about the details , but on four occasions at least, my privacy has been invaded by two different employers. The first two times I acquiesced, so I won’t kick up a fuss about it. The third time someone waited for me to come out of my apartment. The fourth time my landlord gave my key to my boss, but fortunately I was at home. Since they know when and where I am when I’m teaching, they can do it without me knowing. I have even placed traps in my place to tip me of if someone has entered without my consent. There isn’t much of value in my place, but my privacy is important to me.

Oh, you mean of the physical kind. Sounds like you’ll have to move, change locks, get a big mean scary dog called brutus or something.

When you said “where you live” it was kind of vague. I thought maybe you meant Taiwan vs. somewhere else in the world (or something like that).

Another thing to consider is getting a safe for things you don’t want anyone just putting their hands on.

Why the hell does your landlord give the keys to your apartment to your boss?

Change jobs and move out, now…oh…if you’re legal and everything, I’m sure you could sue them or at least call the news and have your boss and landlord exposed. Upppss…guess I watch too much Taiwan news… :loco:

Do what Mel Gibson did in “Conspiracy Theory” :smiling_imp:

What did he do? Place a can on the door knob? I think (I hope not too much) I saw something like that not long ago.

Similar thing happened to a friend of mine.

He had his place “broken into” but he thought it was really sus. His landlord had been around to collect the rent a week or two before and saw where he got the money from. A small amount of money he had stashed in the same place got stolen. There was evidence of searching in unlikely places, where there were out of teh way drawers, but some obvious stuff was overlooked.

When he rang the lanlord to come and fix the lock (for about the fourth time) the lanlord sent around a locksmith while my friend was out and when he returned home later that evening he was locked out of his apartment. (I wish they would think a little bit more!!!)

There are some good tips from the vigilatne thread!!! :sunglasses:

Change the locks on the door. Just go to the nearest lock smith and buy a lock… try and do it yourself. It should only cost about $500 or less for a dead-bolt. They’re really easy to install… Just a couple of screws.

I landlord is a very wealthy man and I don’t think he would want anything of mine. What I am unhappy about is that my privacy was invaded and that means more to me than anything I own.