Investing in Taiwan 101 - Video Series

Investing in Taiwan

Hey guys!

I came back to Taiwan about 6 months ago, I started building up the habit of investing while I was in the states.

And now being back I thought about setting some money aside for investing here in Taiwan too

(Stock market for now, real estate / businesses etc in the future… )

And I realized how a lot of the information is only available in Chinese

I’m bilingual so I understand both languages fluently but I prefer digesting information in English.

I’ve been doing tons of research the past couple weeks and saw similar questions came up, couldn’t really find an all-in-one place that organizes the info nicely in English.

and I was wondering if it’d be beneficial to compile something like an “Investing in Taiwan 101 in English” typa series on YouTube

On things like:

  • How & where to get started

  • What to invest in

  • Walkthrough of stock exchange apps that only has Chinese interfaces

  • Top ETF / index funds locals trade / invest in

  • … etc the list goes on

If that’s something that’d be helpful, what are some struggles / questions you’ve come across that you’d like answered?

Thinking of sharing them as videos on YouTube aka free

  1. Cause i know we all lazy to read through pages of paragraphs :joy:

  2. to hold myself accountable in building up my investing knowledge in Taiwan

  3. Help expats/ foreigners who are thinking about investing in Taiwan but don’t know where to start - In English

PS. Im a Taiwanese citizen so I won’t know too much about ARC stuff, but let me know in the comments below if this investing in taiwan 101 series would be something that’s beneficial,

what struggles you’ve faced in terms of investing here in Taiwan etc :slight_smile:

Would like to gather as much feedback as possible before I start aging myself with outling and sharing information through videos :joy:

Feel free to connect with me personally too :slight_smile:


Welcome back to Taiwan.

I’d appreciate that kind of content. I have a local brokerage account, but my Chinese is barely good enough to operate the app. Research has been slow going :slight_smile:


apart from language barriers, investing in the stock exchange here is not as efficient as in overseas markets.
the supply of funds and ETFs is limited, stock info is not transparent and the taiex relies too much on tsmc :slight_smile:
I think that opening an IB account will be more efficient than a local brokerage account for most cases.

there is a shortage of information about taxation (e.g. how to pay less on investments) , about retirement plans, credit card benefits etc.

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This is a fantastic idea! Please do the videos, this would be a great help I think.

As well, possibly hook up with someone on an ARC as well to get how the whole process works for them (barely as far as I have heard)


Any consultancy company that is willing to put in the real leg work to get shit done will do VERY well here. If they are fluent on the taiwan side of business realities and patient enough to handle western styles of needing clear honest answers. Easy millionaire. If not billionaire.

So far, this type of service is still lacking. Mostly due to lack of fucks given and zero dilligence. The govenment is still unwilling to put in much effort as they themselves are generating income themselves quite fine. This allows private companies to capitalize on this much needed service. Just be aware there are already too many that are lack lustre/dime a dozen in taiwan. There is very little that is GREAT and accessible for those companies in the middle looking to expand. Most are just aiming at being middle men, perhaps like a kindy teacher playing with blocks with you, but expecting a decent sum of your revenue. This gets old fast.


Yeah good point about the taxation!

I’ve talked to a couple friends as well and a common issue I hear is the language barrier, lack of clarity & knowledge of the companies etc when it comes to investing in stocks here, they’d rather not deal with it.

I was thinking this would be more for people who are earning NTD and want to put it somewhere else other than just the bank.


Why has foreign money been flowing into Taiex like mad?

Foreign money is institutional money, not retail investors.

Correct, so why are they investing in TAIEX in such large amounts when the stock info isn’t transparent?