Investing in Taiwan

How would you invest $10,000,000 NTD in Taiwan?

Stock market? TSMC seems real hot right now.

If you got money to invest or give, there are lots of “companies” who have a bridge to nowhere to sell you…

I’m sure if you took this money to the bank they’ll give you all kinds of advise on how to invest this money.

Or are you doing this for a visa? Check with TECO then.

Actually if you’re still wondering you should hire an accountant or finance manager. I’m sure Marco has a business card with finance advisor somewhere.

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What do you mean by this?


It is not mine personally, but someone close to me (Taiwanese) who just has it in the bank and is getting 0.08% interest.

Well, have him go to the bank then. The bank will have financial advisor who can advise him. Maybe ETF or mutual funds or just stock market, and the advisor will tell him how to diversify it.

I want to start a tech business, but lack the funds, so invest about half of it in me.

Or do that with someone you actually know and trust.

My wife invests money in that range in real estate in Oregon and has done very well. Average 10% a year appreciation and rental income on top of that.

I invest that kind of money in my own company products and have done even better than her so far.

I’m in a guitar service business but could transition into tool and die. You could invest in my business so I can buy equipment or hire marketing help.

1 million is more than enough for me. I could buy a used cnc machine and use the rest to establish a marketing department.


r/WallStreetBets and YOLO like you’ve got a month to live.

hahaha that could be a big swing or everything down the shitter

Time deposit is a lillte better, around 1%. No risk, but has 10% tax.

Which banks offer this?

A lot.

Ignore those who offer more than 1%, because usually those are “上限12萬” or something like that. The trick is that 1% interest applys only to the deposit less than 3 mil. So if you have 10 mil, you need to separate it into 4 deposits, like 3mil, 3mil, 3mil and 1mil.

Oh I am sorry, now it isn’t even 1%. They lowered the interest recently, so 0.8% or so.

Fubon has some very interesting retirement plans where you can make a plan to invest and deposit money along a certain amount of years.

You will lose money putting money into savings. Inflation is 3% so unless your gain is higher than this you are losing money.

If you want high rates of return then you must accept high risk. Gambling has the highest rate of return, and highest risk too.

Otherwise you can go into stock market, bonds, ETF, buying debts, all have various level of risk and rate of return.

Did you read the title and the OP? :grin:

Isn’t Oregon right next to Taichung?

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She lives in Taiwan and invests in real estate in the U.S. using money borrowed from Taiwan banks at lower interests than U.S. banks charge. It’s hard to make any real money as an investor in Taiwan if you confine yourself to Taiwan-only investments.

The TW Govt is trying to reduce real estate speculation/investing in Taiwan because it’s creating a serious housing bubble, and making it hard for people to afford houses. Specifically they seem to be manipulating interest rates that hurts those who buys houses they are not planning to live in it.

Some people are complaining about it.

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