Ip masking

It seems that neither STAR nor ESPN will broadcast the Cricket World in Taiwan, even though Cricket is the world

I have requested Willow for taiwan based access, waiting for there response.

But IP masking will be difficult for this kind of work.

The easiest way to do ip masking is to surf the web using a proxy server. The proxy server ip address will be known to the servers you are accessing. Ip masking is usually used by [h/cr]ackers so such tools are hard to find. Software like anonymizer just gives you access to their proxy server.


the problem in this case is the mask needs to be set for NLA of Korea or Hong Kong, not a proxy server mask.

Ponchi, what is NLA?

National Level Aggregator : Each country is assigned a set of IP address range, So the Masking needs to be done such that Willow.tv thinks we are in Korea or HK etc.

oh ok. are you looking into this?

yes I am also trying but I am off to US for 7 days from 7th feb. Lets see some thing will come up.

Or worst comes to worst, On IRC at least there will be live text mode :cry:

Could be because of licensing regulations that forbid its broadcast outside of certain areas.


you might want to think about satellite tv



I just read an email newsleter I got from “The Tavern” about their plan to broadcast the World Cup cricket…

At least that ensures there’s some good news on this thread… :wink:

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