iPhone XS (2018) to be announced Sep 12

Another year another iPhone release. I will be jumping on a new one this year, but havent decided between the XS or the XS+/XS Max/whatever it’s called. Expected to be announced at the Sep 12 Apple event and as per tradition, be available for order online two days after for delivery the following week.

A 6.5 inch phone :confused:

I would prefer the current size of the current iPhone X, but if there is a significant difference in battery life for the new plus sized one, I might opt for that.

The word is to hold off on this one, not much upgrades. Typical of the S models. The next one is supposed to have real hardware changes.

iPhone cycles are pretty easy to follow, and the upgrade timeline is usually dictated by your 2 year contract :). My year to upgrade, plus losing my phone a month and a bit back made it mandatory this time around.

Not sure what I’m going to do. I’ve got an iPhone SE because I still like the smaller form factor - but it looks like that size is going to be abandoned. That probably means I’ll just keep using my two-year-old phone until I can’t use it anymore, and then see what’s available.

For me smartphone hardware has hit a stage where there’s not much more I want. Sure, faster processors would be nice, but that’s about it. Oh, and if they could develop new laws of physics and get a good telephoto lens on a phone, I’d be all over that.

I’m at a stage where smartphone hardware tech does not excite me anymore. Except if they came up with much better battery performance.

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I dont understand Apple. With Steve still on board we would see an iphone X in a 5SE form-factor.

I dont get this always bigger screen thing …

Summary of the announcement from midnight last night:

Asians everywhere will love the new gold color (me included).

Pre-order starts 3pm local time tomorrow for delivery next Friday. The cheaper XR model will be available late Oct.

when apple offers dual 4G SIM capability, hi-tech cameras and functions like some of the asian android brands, and sells under 10 Franklins, i may reconsider.
otherwise, they can take their 40% margins…

That watch looks pretty damn cool

PSA: If you have an iPhone 5S or newer, iOS 12 is a must so go update it now. My 6+ is significantly faster now.

Interesting. I thought they were slowing down older models to force users to buy newer models.

Yeah this update doesnt have many shiny new ‘features’, but fixes things up under the hood. Speed increases across the board.

Wait… is the Xs finally dual sim??? I need it. I keep switching sim cards for different needs.

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I fucking hate switching sims. We have so many stupid and kind of unnecessary features and yet I still have to do microsurgery on my iPhone every time I want to switch sims. :man_facepalming:

God forbids you lose the tiny prick for opening the SIM card spot.

Or the SIM card itself. I’ve plucked that sucker out and seen it go cartwheeling under an airplane seat.

I keep mine on my keys.

This is probably moot but. This is one reason why I use Android.