iPhone4 Back Glass Replacement = EZGame?

So this afternoon, I discovered a small scratch on the back of my phone now from I’m not sure what. Pretty sure it didn’t have it this morning. Nothing bad or even that visible, but turns out this glass is definitely not invincible. Dag nabbit. I guess this is bound to eventually happen running it nekked.

So, anyway, I took a looksie at maybe just going ahead and turning this thing into a zebra (black front, white back) like I really wanted in the first place. Turns out it’s easy as pie. I’ve disassembled and repaired the SIM socket on an iPhone 3G before, and replacing the back would definitely NOT be easy. But iPhone 4? EZGame! Take a look at this:


Turns out replacing the back plate on this phone is cake. If you have a #0 screwdriver, then I would go so far as to say that this phone actually has a user serviceable battery in the same way MacBooks have user-serviceable internals.

Anyway, there is a glut of different-color back plates out there now ranging from outright knockoffs to factory white backplates. I’ve always liked the black-front, white-back on the 3GS and thought the same look would be great on an iPhone 4. But then I saw, there are offerings of a BUNCH of colors. Not sure the quality of these pieces, but not too expensive to try except for the 150$ factory back glass.

For example these at 20$.

iPhone 4 styling time?