Iran convicts Christian Pastor to death

Must be a Zionist plot.

Nah. Just fuckwits, as usual. The world is full of them.

And, I seriously feel sorry for this guy. We need to be praying for him.

I don’t fell sorry for him, he is a christian in a islamic nation. What was he thinking? But on the same page, it goes to show how people have let the religions run them. That is the truly sad part.

Yes … and for the 70-odd million Iranians who have to go along with it to avoid the same fate.

He was convicted to death?

How the hell does that work?

That’s not why he was sentenced, he was sentenced for converting to Christianity. Bloody daft to kill a man for switching from daft set of beliefs for another. But that’s extreme Islam for you.

its sad that people do these things in this day and age. but, beautiful culture, cannot judge. :unamused:

Islam is the religion of peace. Cannot have peace if people convert to other religions.

I was actually told by a Buddhist nun at Fo Guang Shan (since I kept opening my top button on the uniform I was wearing) that it is “impossible to have harmony unless we are all the same”.

So I buttoned the button, let the twit walk off and unbottened it again. I swear, I was there for a few weeks and abt 5-10 times a day she would get on me abt that damn button.

Guess she was bored. :loco:

You should have offered to pay for her sex change operation.