Is "begpacking" legal? (not general discussion)

All this week I’ve seen them hangout near Zhongxiao Dunhua begging for money to find their travels. All these week I’ve been giving them the Patrick Batemen get-a-job speech.

Now how do we get rid of them. Calling NIA or the Police?


Oh no are they here now aswell ? More anti foreigner shit on the way.


Is there no laws against it?

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Expect more of them as Taiwan does more and more of the hard push to advertise and attract tourists and make visiting and staying easier.

I’m sure someone will realize an opportunity and start setting up some cheap foreigner flop houses. Then can send them there.

Thanks Sighing When.

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Send them to Dulan. Tell them to hang around for the next Rainbow Family gathering.

Tell them foreigners doing drugs get their head cut off by other foreigners, so don’t do drugs with other foreigners.


They are everywhere in Ximending.

I see many of them selling postcards or hugs, wouldn’t that fall under working illegally? Of course I’m presuming they don’t have open work rights.


If they had open work rights they would be teaching for mad bank

Are the workshy :banana: making decent coin? I might pop down there and offer hugs for cash in Ximending. There’s a market for everything - even a balding, hairy, 48 year old with a paunch.



Think I’ve noticed more street performers and buskers around and also in Xinyi. Maybe some leftover from the gay parade.

Both. Both is good.

Plus video sent to Next News. Or any of the news chaser groups.

i have no sympathy for beg packers.
because they are westerners locals seem to think they are cute or interesting or adventurous or something. they are lazy ass scroungers.

an old friend of mine was doing it. he went to australia, used up his savings ( money left to him from a recently dead relative) in the first week partying. then scrounged some new money from friends and non dead relatives (including me) to continue the trip. he immediately quit the typical working holiday jobs (farm stuff) because the boss was “mean”(even though he owed a bunch of people money). then set out to scrounge on the streets selling home made bracelets. he even ate out of homeless shelters and thought nothing of it. he even took the scrounging lifestyle home and doesn’t even work or have a place he just does ‘housesitting’ lowlifes.


That’s just pathetic.

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Probably become a millionaire with books and blogs telling people how to work only 4-minutes a week.


other than the millionaire part you hit the nail on the head. he has a website, blogs, and e-books all sharing the secrets how to achieve this marvelous lifestyle.


Red castle might work out for you.

i see them all the time in hk during my trips there. from their accents, it seemed like a lot were russian or eastern european. hope it doesn’t become too bad here as well.

There were some by Taipei train station I heard they are an organized group from a certain country.

Crustpunks? In my Taiwan?? This I’ve got to see…

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