Is "begpacking" legal? (not general discussion)

Just saw a cop shoo one of these guys away in Ximending. He knew the drill. No ticket.


There’s also a bunch of Indian fortune tellers out there at the moment. Usually they’re based in HK but for obvious reasons they’ve made their way here. I hate those guys.


I only have an impression of Indian tailors, who are pretty annoying.

I like how HK Island is an exclusion zone for them. They are only allowed on the Kowloon side.

I suspect they won’t last long. The real (fake) Taiwan fortune tellers will call their neighborhood cop or enforcer who will politely kick their ass down the road.


Some local fortune tellers are basically just counselors who make some people feel better. I don’t think they are all mystic meg types.
The Indian ones just seem to be quick scamming though.

I tell them to :banana: off whenever I see them. They were here in Neihu for a couple of days but they seem to have given up.

Yeah, I don’t think this will prove to be fertile ground.

those mutes with the Taiwan flags seem to have pissed off now…

I got one here a couple weeks ago (Keelung/Zhongxiao)

He got pretty flustered when I asked if he was from Honkers.


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Obviously your forehead isn’t shiny enough, or they would have approached you to tell you about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Usually they just approach me to say I should buy a suit! Questions about my family come in second

Haha busted.


Cop A: Is it real or is it a mannequin?
Cop B: I dunno. I dare you to touch it.
Cop A: eww he’s sweaty. Definitely real.

euh quoi?

Or maybe the cop is just going in for his free hug.


I thought people could smell a cop.

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brilliant. so what does his little message say? i need to begpack because of covid 19?

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