Is Bush losing the war in Iraq?

In addition to Powell’s comments to his confidants that he thinks the war against the Iraqi insurgents is being lost, more and more information is showing that the U.S. situation is perilous. The latest is the “Salvador Option” – essentially turning over Iraq to death squads. First WMDs were blown away, and now we get to see the U.S. turn its back on the whole “freedom for the Iraqi people” bullshit:

[quote]By Michael Hirsh and John Barry


Updated: 8:59 p.m. ET Jan. 14, 2005Jan. 8 - What to do about the deepening quagmire of Iraq? The Pentagon

You’ll be able to tell when Bush is losing. He’ll be trying to get a note from his daddy to get him out of it.

You can tell Republicans by the gut instincts they have – when faced with a difficult problem, they seek out the simplistic. It probably took them all of 5 minutes of uncomfortable thinking before somebody pointed out the answer was just to let loose paramilitaries who could simply kill everybody in Iraq.

Is Bush losing the war in Iraq?
Well it depends on what you call losing.
I think he lost it the moment he resorted to violence.
The situation obviously keeping getting worse. Who does he think he’s fooling with this fake election to put in his hand-picked candidates into office. No one can run with out the U.S.’ permission, so what kind of democracy is that?
Oh, well, at least he’ll be remembered by historians as the warmonger he really is even if the idiots that voted for him refuse to face the truth.

Perhaps we’ll start reading about new “V-weapons” that Bush and his cronies are going to put together … if only the Congress can be persuaded to approve a 20-year, no-bid arrangement for Halliburton to produce these magic anti-insurgent weapons.

Anyone who votes against this multi-billion $$$ contract will be derided as being “against America”, “against the troops” and “with the terrorists.”

Go figure.

A fascinating and relevant bit on the new desperate measures being implemented. “If don’t know history, you’re doomed to be repeat it” sure keeps getting borne out with the Bush administration:

[quote]Models that have long since been discarded as failures are hectically being revived. For example, US military advisors are to be embedded as supervisors and support personnel within units of the new Iraqi army, who have the dubious but well-deserved reputation of fleeing the minute they come under fire.

Precisely the same recipe was incapable of stopping the Vietnam debacle 40 years ago. Military officials are also talking about forming death squads, whose job would be to track down and eliminate the insurgents within the territory they control or to which they normally withdraw. This would include foreign territory beyond the borders of Iraq. It’s a strategy that was largely discredited during civil wars in Latin American in the 1970s.

These experiences have led military personnel in particular to call for a rethinking of Washington’s strategy. The Pentagon’s civilian leadership has not been faced with so much criticism from within its own ranks since the Vietnam War. Retired general D. Barry McCaffrey is even concerned that “the army will lose its base in the next 24 months.” General Peter Schoomaker, the current Chief of Staff of the US Army, has already warned Congress against drastic consequences, saying that “it may be necessary to augment the regular armed forces,” something that Rumsfeld wants to avoid at all costs, mainly for budgetary reasons. [/quote]

If they start assigning Poindexter to any roles in Iraq then death squads have already been given the green light.

Hasn’t Poindexter already been cast? I thought he was playing the evil mastermind of some kind of domestic spying agency, sitting in a pyramid somewhere watching computer monitors that tell him which Queer Eye character is Citizen 30945983D’s favorite, and how many boxes of dental floss Citizen 098346234F bought at the supermarket last week?

Poindexter has a sort of eternal quality to him. Just when you think he might be down and out, he floats to the surface again. The man is simply unflushable.

Some turds do that.


9 days to go to the election. I have my fingers crossed. Well a lot more than my fingers actually.

Eyes and/or legs crossed?

No legs crossed by my fingers are crossed on the one hand, with the other, my middle finger is extended in your direction in greeting. haha

Death squads? How does that square with the mandate to torture?

And, we’re not losing. We’re disengaging. Peace with honor.

Besides, Bush said we won the war in June of 2003, so how could we lose it?

Bush said it, I believe it, that settles it.

With every candidate handpicked and approved by the U.S. what could possibly go wrong???

This thread erminds me of the classic joke:

Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb; its conditions are improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are a delusional spin from the liberal media. That light bulb has served honorably, and anything you say undermines the lighting effect. Why do you hate freedom?

Somehow I keep thinking of Taiwan’s election and a bullet in the stomache. Or the Ukraine election and poisoning.


That was funny. Good one. :laughing: :bravo:

"In essence, (the U.S.) ignored the findings of the Abu Ghraib enquiry conducted by Major-General Antonio Taguba, in which he spoke of

Ling that joke should be required reading before posting anything in the IP forum.