Is "Chinese Man + Russian Woman" more common than "Russian Man + Chinese Woman"?

Whenever I look “Chinese Russian relationship” or even “俄罗斯男,中国女”, I still mostly see 中国男,俄罗斯女 instead.
It seems that chinese man, russian woman is more common than visa versa which is interesting since chinese wives with white husbands is more common than Chinese husbands with white wives.
I wonder why it’s reverse with Russian-Chinese relationships

Jes curious why you wanna know ?

Don’t think there’s much of either in Taiwan

Just curious. It’s not like it’s a bad thing or anything lol

The seed of the Khan?

Dschinghis Khan - Moskau (Live 1979) - YouTube

Look up the female-male ratios in Russia and China and there’s your answer.


Because in Soviet Russia, Russian woman marry YOU!!!

That and the ratio between men and women are going to get much worse with Russia losing men in their “special military operation”.


I’m not sure why you mentioned specifically 中国女 and 中国男 here, but I’ve dealt with a lot of East Europeans, and, if you expand to include all Asians and all Slavic people, only about 10-20% were Asian woman/Slavic man. Russian/Taiwanese alone, I can’t remember any. Then, if you compare with West European woman+North American/Asian man, it’s almost none. That’s just who I’ve met. Most of the Russian men I’ve known are married to Russian women. I think it’s because most East European men who move abroad are professionals and already have families. Several of the East European women married to Asian men met their husbands as students. I don’t ask for everyone’s life story, but most of the EE women spoke Chinese.

the completely non scientific evidence i have is the 5 russians i know in Taiwan:
3 women that married a taiwanese guy
2 guys that married a taiwanese wife
all came here in the 2000’s as students and stayed


I’d bet there is a big socioeconomic step up for those women as well. Generally women don’t marry down, but since these Russian women are bucking the trend and choosing Asian men, I would consider the possibility that money and the chance of a better life is part of the calculus


Part of the answer. As is often the case with humans if you think there’s only one factor then you probably haven’t thought about it very much


My co-workers in Taipei include a couple of Russian men married to Taiwanese women and I don’t know any Russian women.
But also I’ve heard from some western women that they are attracted to Asian men. Obviously not to every Asian man, though, just the generally attractive ones.
I think either gender can profit. Being exotic itself is interesting and attractive.
If I can improve my life by moving here, I bet more Russian men and women can, too.