Is February the best month of the year in Taiwan?

I would say the best months are from August to December.

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August and even September are way too hot to be enjoyable, imo.

this has been the longest run of good weather i’ve seen so far in the time i’ve been living here. it hasn’t got super cold at all and theres been very little ‘endless rain’ weeks. i heard there were some at christmas time but i wasn’t here.

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I just love those clear blue skies pre and post typhoons.

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March is usually the best IMO.

Autumn is the best for weather.

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I love sunny weather, not a fan of rainy season.

No February is not “the best month of the year in Taiwan.”

I’ll take Taiwan’s autumn weather over the vagaries of north Taiwan’s unlovely winter monsoons.


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Lol. You guys are so concerned about the weather. But what’s a good weather, if you are stuck at work. I’m not even staying in Taipei if I have 5-7 days of non-working days. Just glad to have time to go out of the country :slight_smile:

April is the cruelest month.

Wouldn’t that be May? Taxes are due then…

Yeah but most of us get huge refunds on account of that 18% tax rate…

…and you’ve jinxed it

I don’t think there is ever a month that I happy with. Winter is not cold enough. Summer is too frigging hot. It goes from winter to summer in about a day. In Taipei hardly ever any breeze. Why did people originally settle here - were they senseless. Humidity makes me cranky. The end.

Well why the fuck do you live here then?:runaway:


It is hot, but try the heat in SE Asia…as in Thailand and such. That is hot!

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Well there goes my hopes of having the last word on Taiwanese weather.

Mainly so I can complain to you miserable lot…

There’s a thread for that

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It is a lot better than the country 2 hour flight south from here. There is no such thing as ‘winter’ lol.

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thats not a thing to complain about. if it gets any colder than it is now it immediately becomes too cold due to the humidity and crappily built houses. haven’t had to use my space heater this year and thats brilliant.