The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019

we all swim down here…it’s been like this for almost a week, wtf

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Here in Taipei, the weather could have been predicted by the Who:

Meet the new year
Same as the old year


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I just spent 3 lovely days in Kaohsiung walking around in a t-shirt. It was sunny all the back to about 10 kms outside Banqiao and then shit got real.

Thinking of moving.


Been raining in Taipei for a week. Not heavy but steady.

I just came back from 7 days in Tainan and no rain for 7 days. Mostly blue sky.


Heard about that from a friend I was supposed to visit. But between lack of available transportation and a sick kitty, I missed the sunshine.

Friggin humid cold has mold growing in my house in places never seen before…

Now, this is drinking weather.

Oh yeah I enjoyed my week down South :slight_smile:
Driving back to greypei was no joy.

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Eggnog at the office?

Brown liquor from the bottle, sitting in the topmost branches of that big tree in Lt. Dan Park…


This constant fuzzy rain is maddening. Tiny droplets that blow all up in your face even when you’ve got your umbrella up. What’s the point!

Supposed to clear out and warm up a smidge come Friday, though.

What is it 18c in Taipei?

It’s 1c where I live , lucky I have the heat on 22c

Rain. You forgot the rain.

we’re utterly dominating.

Taipei people btfo.
Southerners btfo.
Will non-Yilan people ever recover?
I say no.

Is it weird that I know you have the apartment at constant 22c temperature throughout the year. You’ve told us about eight times over the years I figure.

Thanks for sharing though Tommy!

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I turn on the heater to get the room to 18 degrees…humidity when I turn on the dehumidifier was 87%.

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I would like to find a reference that shows number of overcast days versus true blue sky days.

People in Taipei tend to say its sunny, when its really overcast i.e. a think layer of high clouds and no blue sky visible. There are very few blue sky days in Taipei. The day before a typhoon when all the clouds are pushed away would be a good example of blue sky.

I wrote down blue sky days for a few months last spring/early summer and there were so few, I gave up. Wasn’t worth keeping track.

One word.


I know I like to rub it in especially when u guys are cold
Cuz I know what it’s like
I will probably mention it again at the next cold front :pig:

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Well at least Taipei is not as bad as wanli where I swear it can rain for literally the whole winter from.november to April and all of May and then nearly everyday there is a thunderstorm in the summer and there are typhoons

Ike 280 days a year

So Taipei was relatively dry. How to tell a Keelung person from anyone else when walking the streets of Taipei when it’s not raining?

The person from Keelung and that whole area including wanli will be carrying an umbrella for when he gets back . May be the same in the ILan area

Very true
Partly cloudy is as good as it gets in Taipei