The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019

I very nearly considered moving up to Taipei some years ago . Would enjoy the City , but the honest truth is that I like sunshine too much . Almost every time I visit Taipei it’s grey and/ or raining :pensive:I decided to trade the pollution in Taichung , for the better weather . Just makes me feel a bit happier waking up to sunshine most days . Pretty cold here now though .

That’s often air pollution that is blocking a true blue sky.
Causes it to be a washed out milky blue as the tiny particles diffract and absorb the sunlight.
Not always (because sometime it just moisture high up in the atmosphere) but its often the case that is is actually haze from pollution. I check the conditions everyday to see how far I can see clearly (mountains , tall buildings). That gives you a reasonable dea of the amount of pollution.

People in Taiwan don’t really understand that I guess. They don’t seem to pay much attention to the sky or know what is fresh air (the air is most never fresh here)… I miss Taichung sunshine. California of Taiwan I tell everybody because it rains so little and blue skies most days.

Shiadoa, the pollution in Taichung is worse but Taipei is no clean mecca either.

Average of about -6 degrees Celsius during my week in Seoul (-9 at the beginning of the trip). Yes, the rain and the real feel crap in Taipei sucks, but I will not again complain of cold again this winter.

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I think the Dongshan team is cheating.

They’re some sneaky fucks. They run multiple weather station so that they can record higher amounts of rain and claim refugee status in the Eu showing pics of people in the hotsprings in Jiaoxi and blaming it all on climate change.
I should move there and enjoy some free gibs. Today Dongshan has 4 in the top10.
I’m not sure whether my station is Wujie or Zhuangwei (I live inbetween), but of the three roads that lead to my home one is underwater and one is closed due to the bridge being broken. My house is now basically Mont-Saint-Michel, just replace the sea with rice fields.

I meant that Dongshan appears twice on that list. Fishy!

When I mentioned multiple station I was serious. Part of Dongshan is at sea level, part is one the mountains facing the sea and part is in closed mountains with many rivers, so they record the rain in that area in several locations.
Dongshan is really huge:


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I live in Nangang, which is wetter than anywhere else in Taipei.

I was with my family last Jan 1, and we were at Ximen. There is like spit of rain. I waved them goodbye as they take off to airport. I took MRT, then get out of Nangang. Boom. It’s like there’s a typhoon. I was like WTF.


It’s the same in Wuxing Street Lane 600. I make my way home from Shilin after footy tanned and rested and sweaty and get out the MRT at Xiangshan and it’s light rain and then turn the corner at the last 7-eleven and i swear you can hear Lieutenant Dan screaming “call this a storm?”


This is me, whenever I leave my damp little corner of Neihu at the foot of Wuzhishan (with Wanli on the other side), head into “town” all prepared for battle I mean rain, and everyone’s all smiles and sunshine. Uhhhh…

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Hurray. I see the sun today.

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Enjoy it while it lasts! It’s back to suicide weather after today… :pensive:


Patchy blue sky in Taichung.

30 degrees!!

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It’s bloody summer in Taipei, wtf is going on, just yesterday I thought I was going to need to build a raft in order to leave my house.


Really been missing the smell of sunshine. My plants are soaking it up, too.

The tragic thing is I’m actually considering taking advantage of this nice weather to go out and get some more clothes to help me get through the rest of the awful weather!


Time to face reality though:

I often seen cool winter shirts, but I inevitably give up.


Um, speak for yourself! I dry my clothes in a sealed off room with a fan and dehumidifier. They’re always fresh as a daisy.