The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



Really? We do the same at home, and there’s no way to completely remove that smell from clothes in winter. (I live very close to the sea though, humidity is over 900000%)


Lies, all lies! No rain tomorrow.

All bets off for Sunday and the foreseeable future.


Agreed. Sunshine weather is shopping weather.


That would be for anything South of Taichung. The rest is gloom and doom after Saturday evening.

Rats and double rats.


There is a special made for Taiwan detergent that targets the moldy smell. And the Japanese Ariel also works wonders.

If all else fails, that si why coin laundries are useful.


28 degrees here, but who’s complaining. Heading out for lunch in a few minutes. Leaving the jacket in the office.


Do you know the name of the detergent?


Wearing all summer outfit!!!


Not sure what Icon is referring to specifically, but these have not failed me. I use Persil for dark color clothes, Attack for light color clothes, and the concentrated stuff in the squeezy bottle for white clothes and towels. No funk as yet.

I imagine living by the sea is an uphill battle, though…


i second on the Persil, as well as its green detergent liquid.


Nope, not those.

It says in Chinese on teh front that it was designed with indoor drying in mind. It is sort of yellow. I can take a picture if I remember…

I buy it at PX Mart. Less than 200 NTD.

Or the Japanese Ariel, the one that says 50 times disinfectant/cleaning power. Attack is good too.


Half a day later, it’s all gloomy here again. #fml


Yeah how can you call that winter ?
It’s 4 heading for 1 where I am in the east bay


I actually used our two recirculating oil heaters to dry clothes in wanli


Really like the animation on especially on iPad.



But no rain. And temperature is perfect. Can’t complain when you can wear tank top and shorts


Sunny then cloudy then sunny then cloudy…
Overall a good day in Yilan.


So any sun is good.


Sigh. At least it is not that cold.


And then you have rain.

Damn you.