The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



And then you have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and want to jump out a window.


We have so little rain here we are super pleased when we do
Especially heavy showers. We have heavy showers right now…super cool,

We were saved from that horrible forest fire where we couldnt breathe for two weeks

One day of downpours solved that right at thanksgiving

We were super thankful here in NoCal


What’s the situation on the east coast now ? I’m thinking of driving down to hualien tomorrow but I don’t want to drive in the Rain


This is the detergent specifically designed for clothes dried indoors. Now on sale in PX Mart. Hope it helps.


Nice weather in Taipei today. No rain, not cold and blue sky with sunlight!


Well I’m by 101 and it’s cloudy.

Funny how radio describe s it as sunny.
Sunny in Taipei really means not raining.


I’m just glad it’s warmed up a bit.


Surprisingly I can see sunshine.


Of course it is sunny. It is MONDAY!!!


Even Taiwan’s weather supports the boss man

Miserable on weekends and glorious on weekdays


This is ridiculous. I checked the weather report for today and tomorrow on Monday evening, and it said cloudy with highs of 18 degrees.

Today it says tomorrow we will have high temps in Taipei of 28 degrees. Absolutely insane.

And no rain, which is good for my laundry.


I think the same thing too.

Sun? Yes! My clothes will (finally) dry.


Today it was sunny in hualien, sunny-ish in Taipei, it never stopped raining in Yilan.


So that´s where the rain comes from in Xindian…


Was it raining in Xindian? Today during the afternoon there was a very light drizzle in Taipei (light to the point that I’m sure not many people noticed anything).


Blue sky around 101.




Clear sky on the mountains in Yilan, but dark grey on the sea.


Feels so goooooooood today.

My towels all dried. Thank goodness.


I’ve definitely been doing tons of laundry this week - getting all those bedsheets cleaned. I can’t be the only one that opens the closet and once in a while realizes I need to go through and wash everything, even if it was clean when it was stored, who knows how long ago.

But this winter, huh, I think I’ve worn my “winter” jacket maybe ten times so far? If that.