Is Forumosa a form of social media?

  • yes
  • no
  • other (please specify in post)

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I don’t think of Forumosa as “social media.” Am I wrong? This feels more like an old fashioned forum or bulletin board as existed before facebook and myspace.


That would make a great topic for a thread!

Is forumosa a form of social media?

I’d love to read what people think.


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I have it saved in my browser in a ‘social media’ folder that includes Facebook, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, and Academia. I’m really only active on here, and I appreciate the social nature of my anonymous posting here.


Anti-social social media


I thought it was therapeutic media. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mostly yes. One key difference however is that forumosa doesn’t make much use of algorithms: you just see the newest posts (or don’t, depending on filters).

And thank goodness. It’s why I like this site, and why I still use RSS feeds, and why I use a Twitter app (Twitterific) that shows me only who I follow, in order of tweets. Forumosa’s option of “see everything you’ve signed up for, and nothing else, in time order” has become unusual and I suppose unfashionable.

These days when people analyze social media, a lot of what they’re talking about is “The Algorithm” and virality and what’s promoted or demoted on feeds. And forumosa doesn’t have that, or at least not in the same way.


It’s basically the same as reddit but smaller form. So technically yes?

Yeah Facebook massively diminished in value to me when it stopped allowing me to see a real time feed. Now it feeds me what it thinks I need to see.


Fixed that for ya


I answered yes without hesitation.
Of course it’s very social.

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It’s bingo night in Miramichi.

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Yes that’s what I was thinking of. Thank you for describing this.


I agree, this is what turns me away from Facebook. I see no utility in having an algorithm feeding me random junk.

I only use Facebook for the following:

(1) I belong to a couple of private, closed groups for a specific professional niche. Those groups include long ongoing discussions of specific professional issues. (We treat it more like a forum.)


(2) Keeping in touch with Taiwanese family who are all on Facebook. They’re all on the LINE app too but I don’t want that app blowing up my phone with group chats.


Arent all forums/message boards social media? Just cause myspace, twitter, facebook etc stole the spotlight doeant mean they invented the social digital public discussion space. If anything, facebook is less social media han here and more social narcissist.

Not everyone on FB is a narcissist. I mean I am, did you see my rehabbed chairs? Noice!


Reddit isn’t social media either. :wink:

Either a narcissist or using it business?

If you’re talking about influencers or entrepreneurs I’d still say they’re a bit narcissistic. Even the guy who canned bacon then ate uncooked with a fork months later.but that maybe was on YT.

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I dont like facebook. If it wasnt for family and work, i wouldnt be there at all. I reluctantly fell in love with line. Its private at least. Only the government sees it haha

I wonder how much pollution is caused by such activity. They talk about bitcoin power usage, surely posts like this end up being magnitudes larger than bitcoin mining.