Is gaofei/9B income a problem for APRC applicants?

Question about gaofei/9B income and applying for an APRC (asking on behalf of someone else):

If someone has a regular employment-based ARC and wishes to apply for an APRC, is immigration likely to have a problem with a small amount (NT$2000) of 9B income on their tax certificate? The regular salary is sufficient for the salary requirement, and the 9B income is from a different employer/company for a one-off presentation (related to their main work, but presumably not covered by their work permit).

I imagine this is a fairly common situation - it should be fine, right?

It will not be an issue. No one will care.


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Thanks, but how do you know? (I thought you’d been here ages and have a plum blossom card - isn’t it that they’ve become more strict in recent years?)

If you qualify in one area, all the other information they collect is just a formality that’s ignored.

But it’s not about the area - it’s about having a record of doing work you didn’t have a work permit for.

I also had numerous (countless?) examples of 9B income when I had my ARC. It was absolutely not an issue when I applied for my PB Card (which is just a glorified APRC lol).


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That was quite a while back, yeah? (Not trying to be difficult, and thanks for your answers - I’ve just read several times about immigration being more strict with this stuff in recent years. Like people declaring fake “tutoring” income when they’re just short of the salary requirement - that seems to be more difficult these days.)

I went through my application in Taipei City in 2012, so yes it was a while ago.

I doubt however that having 9B income would make any difference. We can only find out for certain if your friend applies, and reports back to us about the result. :grin:


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They really don’t care. They might ask for many things, even call back to get them faxed, but it’s just to satisfy their supervisors and it’s just a formality. If you qualify legitimately, they won’t even accept your fee unless you are golden.

If there is a problem, your friend gets interviewed, plausible explanation could simply be they needed a receipt for having help, and you just charged them 2k and wrote the receipt for the work they were doing. not sure if that is digging your hole deeper or not. And likely as others say, they shouldnt care.

BUT, i see your point it wasnt related to your work permit and technically that could be an issue. If they cared (as per taiwans golden rule).

I would simply just do the APRC application while only mentioning the main workload and divert conversations as per cultural norms here. Government servants are rarely too bright to begin with. Hence setting up any interview they may want for 16:00 as they are also on the clock, lazy, not that motivated etc. Get them in the final hour, they will stamp more papers then assuming you are basically everything that passes the checklist. if they press it, explain as above helping out but they needed an official receipt for it. Not ideal, but probably fine. Always better to just not mention it until asked.

if the work permit was issued and only for one employer, then thats it. Plain and simple. So play their psychology as thats the only way through. They really arent too complicated or deep thinkers :wink: