Is it better to live and retire in Australia or Canada?

Which 2 countries are better to live and to retired australia or canada?


Are you this kinda person?

Or this?

Does this food make you hungry?


Or this?

Which wild animal scares you more? This?

Or this?


Finally… which example of the native female population is more your type? This?

Or this?


I hope this has helped you make a more informed decision.




Weather would turn me off of retiring in Canada, housing is more expensive and good luck finding a doctor!


Canada is not a good place to live pre or post retirement.


Housing is pretty bad in most of Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane… gotta go out to dull Adelaide if you want affordable living). Not sure how it compares to Canada, but if that’s the deciding factor it might be very close.


I did a quick Google before I posted, seems Canada is slightly more expensive. And Canada is still allowing record levels of immigration while Australia is cutting it. On housing I think Australia wins, but yes is close on that one issue. For bikini bottoms, no contest!

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Fair enough. I imagine like Australia (and like the US, and even Taiwan), Canada has its more expensive cities like Montreal and Vancouver driving up the average.

Yes, and. Covid combined with high prices pushed people out of the major urban centers (still the destination of choice for students, refugees, and international migrants), thus driving up prices there as well. My sister bought a million dollar house that’s over 90 minutes from downtown Vancouver at rush hour.

But if you don’t mind retiring several hours away from major cities, to the small communities that no longer have any doctors at all, yeah that’s cheaper than the prime real estate that drives up the average.

Anyways, assuming top tier city vs the same, or middle of nowhere vs the same, not a huge difference based on my quick googling but still Australia is cheaper. And you are unlikely to be snowed in without power


Some places in Canada aren’t that bad to retire in if you don’t have to work. For example Vancouver island or Nova Scotia. You can buy a big house on a huge lot where you can’t see your neighbor and only be 15-30 mins drive from a major city like Halifax / Victoria. Prices are still low there.

I would avoid immigration centers like Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, where many immigrants are going for jobs. I am also looking at Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Finland for retirement, which have similar environments as Vancouver island or Nova Scotia but much colder and day/night cycles might be hard to get used to.

Also Canada isn’t an island and you can drive to the US in just a few hours if you are bored of Canada, and due to open borders you can spend up to 6 months in the US. So technically you get access to the US if you retire in Canada.

The people are a big factor too, also language.

As for the question I’d opt for Australia for the weather, better bring your check book for either option.

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You had me up to the “Quebec” part.


Just so you know . . . Finland is nordic but not “Scandinavian.”

Stay focused, people! :rofl:


I think it includes the northern part of Finland: Scandinavian Peninsula - Wikipedia

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For whatever reason, I always feel cold in Canada, yet in Finland (ext. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) I feel ok, maybe the car culture in Canada and lack people out walking in the winter.

P.s> Finn’s think (and are the most happy in the world) Finland is a great place, less complaining than Aussies or Canadiens

short winters, but long winters (late summer night in Finland)

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Inconclusive. Could you please provide more examples?

I always thought Montreal was considered a cheap city

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Can’t go wrong with either. I wouldn’t throw any of these ladies out of bed for eating crackers.

I actually don’t know for sure. I assume it’d be expensive due to being one of the most well known cities in the snowy north. I’ve been twice and had a great time both times, but did find it a bit pricey. @TT is probably the authority on this.

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Canada is good if you just want to have your doctor ask if you rather kill yourself because you can’t see a doctor for 6 months.


Today I learned something new. Pearls of wisdom doth float down from heaven.

Australia is definitely an island though it’s a bit like saying the Earth is a ball floating in space it ain’t going to bother you too much when you are putting another shrimp on the barbie. Might bother Ken though.

Montreal is cheaper than other big cities, in part because fewer people want to live there and also because the province keeps taxes and cost of living lower. I used to cross the river to buy wine and cigarettes, several of my professors in Ottawa preferred to commute from Montreal

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