Is it flu season? Do most people get shots?

About the time I typically get my flu shot back home. Is it flu season here now as well?

Never had one nor never will.

It’s people like you that are the reason why we need flu shots. Let me guess… you’re anti-vaxxer too?

Just FYI, the flu kills thousands every year.

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I was told that If I get flu I may not survive :scream:. Damn it … can’t do anything these days … no racing , no unhealthy foods , no smoking , no drinking …what’s left :thinking:? I guess the sensible thing would be to get the jab if you are more vulnerable , or like most of Forumosa , old and knackered :yum:


How does one who doesn’t get flu shot affect those others?
Maybe their/my immune system is just strong.
Allowing one’s own immune system to combat the flu is much better, as the immune system gets stronger that way.
I think only older people and those known to have weak immune systems should get flu shots.
Each season’s flu is a new variety anyway.
Fyi, our family is fully vaccinated for those vaccinations that are required. So, not anti-vaxxer, but definitely anti-flu vaccination if unwarranted.

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I take an immunosuppressant medication so ya I feel I do need it as I can land in the hospital pretty easy if I get ill. Sorry for the burden haahahaa

I feel like it is flu season, my Mom is sick and so as my granny and little girl.

@jacobson8959 I wasn’t replying to you. I was replying to cake who said he’d never get a shot.

I remember when people didn’t take these promoted flu shots.It seems to be a recent phenomenon.
I am well aware how many flu kills and have the figures changed since these flu vacations were promoted?
A family member was persuaded to take one once and ended up having the worst flu they ever experienced.
You want to take it, go right ahead.

if you are more than 65 year old, pregnant or working in a hospital, otherwise nah

Not feeling the wisdom here.

Flu shot isn’t perfect; obviously some mutations can kick out post-inoculation so that the version that leads the news this year isn’t exactly the one inoculated against. But if you catch a real case of flu - and you live by yourself - it can be pretty miserable. <-- understatement

If the shot is free or cheap, I always get one. No brainer imo.